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SAILUN Tyre Invite Customers for Smart Tyre Production Experience


SAILUN Tyre Europe recently invited over 100 customers to their Vietnam and Cambodia production bases. The trips spanned two weeks with SAILUN PCR and TBR customers from all over Europe including: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain. France, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland and more with the SAILUN Europe team supported by the local Vietnam and SAILUN Group team.

Over 100 European Customers from SAILUN Visit Production Base in Vietnam and Cambodia

Guests started their journey with an opportunity to experience the development of SAILUN Group themselves by visiting the first modern Chinese production base established outside China, SAILUN Vietnam. The sprawling production base is responsible for the production of PLT, TBR, and Specialty, most recently adding rubber tracks, making it their sole overseas production base capable of producing a full line of tyre product categories. The site visit also included the more recently established ACTR Joint Venture factory, showcasing the level of modernisation SAILUN Group had reached within 7 years of establishing its first international production centre.

Following this, guests visited their production facility in Cambodia. Guests were treated with seeing the level to which SAILUN has improved tyre production efficiencies within only 22 years of its inception.

GM of SAILUN Europe, Harry Wang stated, “These trips are a unique opportunity to share more with our customers and build upon their confidence in choosing the right tyre partner. They are the foundation of SAILUN Europe and SAILUN Group’s growth, and our future.”

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