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SafetyTrim Present Retainers with Built-In Wheel Nut Indicators

SafetyTrim Wheel Nut Indicators

Safetytrim has been promoting its retainers with built-in wheel nut indicators. The company states that the product is “easy to fit and can be installed in minutes, whilst safeguards against loose wheel nuts.”

Wheel Nut Indicators From SafetyTrim

Safetytrim, manufcatured in the UK from nylon, has indicators are suitable for both front, drive and trailer wheels, whilst are available in 10, 8 and 6 stud variants for trucks, trailers, vans and buses.

The product is pushed onto your vehicle’s or trailer’s wheel nuts, with the system allowing a loose wheel nut to loosen a fraction, but then holds them in place at a new lower torque level. The indicator is then visible when checked and ensures prompt attention to the problem nut.

Apart from its products, SafetyTrim offers support and training on how to handle, fit and remove correctly ensuring the parts outlast our competitors. The support is available for all customers if they work with SafetyTrim directly or through their authorised distributor network.

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