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Retread Products Play Key Role in Nokian Tyres’s Truck Tyre Offerings

Retread Products Truck Tyre

The latest feature for Commercial Tyre Business takes us into the world of retreading and is one which the first protagonist has a lengthy history with. Besides delivering premium ranges of passenger, truck and agricultural tyres, Nokian Tyres has a long and rich history in creating tyre retreading accessories and materials. Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager for Truck and Bus Tyres and Ari Maunula, Product Manager, Business line director On-Road Tyres for Nokian Tyres are in the spotlight for our tyre retreading feature and gave some insight into Nokian Tyres’s vision for the retreading sector as well as where it fits into their wider strategy.

Nokian Noktop and E-Tread Retreading Ranges in Focus

Considering Nokian Tyres heritage in the tyre retreading sector, it’s hardly surprising to see the varied and ample selection of products and treads that the manufacturer can make use of with its casings. Before diving into the retreading portfolio, Ari Maunula commented upon the casing quality of Nokian tyres’s truck products.

Nokian truck tyre carcasses are of premium quality, and they work very well for retreading. Often our customers choose to include both Nokian tyres’s truck products and compatible retreading materials in their product portfolio.”

As we have alluded to, Nokian Tyres has a broad selection of retreading options for its casings. These offerings come under the brand names Nokian Noktop and Nokian E-tread. The two ranges cover 18 and 7 patterns respectively. Product Manager for Truck and Bus Tyres, Teppo Siltanen commented, “We have put a lot of emphasis on the development of our Nokian Noktop and Nokian E-tread retreading range in recent years, and we have introduced many new products to the market.


“We have products for all needs and segments, with the most well-known being the winter traction treads, especially our recently launched Nokian Hakkapeliitta E2 traction tread.”

The Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta E2 is referred to on the manufacturer’s website as “their best winter traction tread so far, minimising the need for chains”. The tyre has been conceived for the drive axle and features a deep, open tread, peg siping and connected-block tread design in order to reduce the need for snow chains on the toughest winter roads. Apart from this, the tyre combines good grip with long service life and low rolling resistance.

In addition to the Nokian Noktop Hakkapelitta E2, in August the Finnish manufacturer launched the Nokian Noktop Hakka Trailer retread together with the Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tyre as a full tyre life cycle offering.

According to information readily available on Nokian Tyres’s website, the Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tyre is characterised by higher mileage delivering lower total costs thanks to its impressive service life, that is enabled by its new rubber compound, robust shoulder design and stone ejectors. These characteristics give its users a lower total cost of ownership, which is built upon further thanks to the tyre’s low rolling resistance and fuel-saving capabilities. Furthermore, the open tread pattern and dense siping helps keep the trailer safe and under control in the fiercest of wintry driving conditions.

As for its retread offering, Nokian Tyres has produced a Nokian Noktop retread for the same product that continues to save costs for fleets, whilst also protecting the environment and delivering in performance.


The development of the Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tyre and the simultaneous launch of the retreading option puts the company’s commitment to retreading as part of its product development strategy in stark focus as Siltanen explained clearly, “Whenever we are launching a new truck tyre, our aim is to introduce a compatible Noktop retread to the market at the same time, creating a wider offer for our customers. Our offer includes not only products but also suitable service solutions.”

Ari Maunula expanded on by explaining how the manufacturer views retreading as a part of its overall vision and product offering for the future, “Nokian Tyres sees the role of retreading as being very important also in the future, which helps companies and end users to make sustainable choices. Retreaded tyres are an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint.”

Sustainability and Reducing Carbon Footprint Supports Nokian Tyres’s Emphasis on Retreading

The topic of carbon emissions is one that continues to rumble at the heart of the tyre retreading offer. As far back as 2008 a study for the Centre for Remanufacturing and ReuseUnited Kingdom showed that the use of retreads could result in a saving of 30% in emissions against a new tyre. It’s important to note, however, that this study was carried out on a 17.5-inch tyre for light commercial vehicles against its equivalent retread product, which saw the former produce 86.9KG in emissions compared to 60.5KG for the latter.


It is research such as this that according to Siltanen and Maunula, “supports our strong emphasis on tyre retreading materials”. Siltanen continued, “What is important is that these products must go through the same research and development and testing steps as new tyres, and they are developed with new needs, like hybrid and electric vehicles, in mind.

“Investing in tyre development in all aspects is an important factor also in the future. Choosing retreaded materials is one important way to make sustainable choices, which is very much expected from companies, already now, but even more so in the future.”

With sustainability and lower cost of ownership continuing to be important considerations at the heart of purchase decisions, Nokian Tyres’s retreading options will certainly be key parts of the manufacturer’s offering as we progress through the early 2020s and beyond.

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