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New Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer Tyre Provides Costs Savings, High Mileage and Enhanced Safety on the Road

Nokian Hakka Truck Tyre

In changing road conditions, each axle wheel needs to be able to handle heavy loads. Nokian’s all-weather Hakka Truck Trailer range has been designed to give the driver full confidence on the road, as the tyre has a solid grip, low rolling resistance and offers high mileage, even on varying road terrains. 

Nokian’s ‘Magic Triangle’ Formula for Its Hakka Truck Trailer Tyre

With slow and even wear, the Hakka Truck Trailer range is available for all axle positions. This is especially important for drivers working with dangerous goods (ADR) liquids or bulk. With high trailer weights affecting the weight distribution, grip, stability and reliability of the vehicle, the flexibility of the tyre for all axle positions is an essential factor for peace of mind on the road.

“We call it the ‘magic triangle’ – the combination of good grip, low rolling resistance and high mileage, where improving one feature often compromises another”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “With the new Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tyre, we have managed to reach a sweet spot where all three parameters are top-notch without any compromises.”

Siltanen goes on to say that, “Even transporting milk from farms sets high demands for tyres, as the tank is heavy and the last kilometres can be driven on pretty rough roads that change with the seasons. From muddy to snowy conditions, the same goes with wood chip transports.”

Nokian Focus on Safety, Local Regulations and making the Hakka Range Retreadable

Local legislation is a key element of the manufacturing process for Nokian. “The demands for good energy efficiency and low noise level are getting stricter worldwide”, explains Siltanen. “As well as this, many Nordic countries are starting to demand 3PMSF marking on every tyre of the vehicle during winter months, which is why we made the tyre to carry the 3PMSF marking.”

Another key element for the Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer Tyre during the production process was making the tyre as economical as possible.

“Its mileage really stands out”, says Siltanen. “The long, care-free service life means easier tyre management with a lower total cost of ownership in the long run.”

Another way to save money and the environment is to use retreaded tyres. That is why Nokian Tyres has released the compatible Nokian Noktop Hakka Trailer retread together with the tyre.“The Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tyre with its sturdy chassis suits well for retreading. The compatible Nokian Noktop Hakka Trailer retread makes sure the tyre performs equally well in the second round,” Siltanen proudly added.

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