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New Agilis 3 Summer Tyre Launched by Michelin

Agilis 3 Summer Tyre Michelin

Michelin has launched its new Agilis 3 summer tyre for light commercial vehicles, bringing peace of mind to operators looking to optimise their costs and reduce their environmental footprint, without compromising on safety.

Agilis 3 Rolled Out for LCVs

Featuring technology not used within light commercial vehicle tyres previously, the Agilis 3 range provides a high level of safety on wet roads and good energy efficiency whilst remaining robust and durable.

Designed with Michelin’s EverGrip technologies, the new tyres deliver high-level braking performance on both dry and wet roads – for the safest performance over a long life, right down to the 1.6mm legal tread depth limit. The tyres are rated ‘A’ for braking performance in wet conditions, under EU Tyre Labelling. The rubber compound featuring a blend of carbon black and silica contributes to the good safety and wet-weather braking performance.

Chris Smith, Managing Director of Michelin UK, says: “We are committed to developing new products that combine the highest possible safety and performance throughout their working life, and that’s just what we have done with the Agilis 3.

“Together with our Agilis CrossClimate and Agilis Alpin products, we’ve now got the strongest range of products we’ve ever had for van operators – with a choice of three different tyres, depending on the mission and operating environment.”

Available in 12 popular sizes from launch, each new Agilis 3 tyre weighs, on average, 1kg less than its predecessor, with the difference reaching as high as 1.7kg for certain sizes. As a result, fewer raw materials and natural resources are required during manufacturing and the amount of waste that needs to be recycled is significantly reduced.

Results of in-house testing by Michelin found that the new tyres reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 100kg over 20,000km, whilst reducing fuel consumption by 0.12 litres/100km.

All new Agilis 3 tyres feature Michelin’s sidewall protection solution, comprising an additional layer of rubber which shields the tyre from scrubbing. This is combined with an improved rubber compound offering superior resistance to abrasion and a patented technology to combat stone retention in the tread.

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