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Michelin Agilis 3 Presented as New Summer Tyre for Light Commercial Vehicles

Michelin Agilis 3 Light Commercial Vehicles

After the introduction of the MICHELIN AGILIS CrossClimate in 2018, Michelin is now expanding its range of light commercial vehicles with the new MICHELIN AGILIS 3 designed specifically for summer.

Michelin Launch MICHELIN AGILIS 3

The new tyre is characterised by a high level of safety on wet roads and energy efficiency (fuel efficiency class B according to EU Tyre label). Other features incorporated by the tyre include high robustness and durability.

“Due to the low fuel consumption thanks to weight optimisation and its rolling resistance-optimised properties, the new tyre is not only the ideal choice for vans with conventional drive, but also for vehicles with electric drive,” said Philipp Ostbomk, Director Sales B2B Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Following the increasing trend of electrified distribution traffic on short and medium-haul routes, the MICHELIN AGILIS 3 offers exactly the right solution for the market.”

In April 2020, the new summer tyre for light commercial vehicles will initially be launched in twelve dimensions in the German-speaking region.

On average, the tyres of the new MICHELIN AGILIS 3 series weigh one kilogram less than their predecessor, depending on the size, and also have a weight advantage of up to 1.7 kilograms. This means that fewer raw materials and natural resources are utilised and the amount of waste  accordingly is reduced.

In addition, the rolling resistance of tyres accounts for at least 20 percent of a vehicle’s fuel consumption. According to the results of in-house studies, four fuel-efficient MICHELIN AGILIS 3 tyres reduce CO2 emissions by 104 kilograms over a distance of 20,000 kilometres compared to the previous MICHELIN AGILIS + model. Compared to its predecessor MICHELIN AGILIS +, the new tyre also enables savings of up to 0.12 l / 100 km, which corresponds to a saving of around 100 euros in fuel costs.

“The design of the new MICHELIN AGILIS 3 was focused on the efficient use of raw materials and resources for maximum sustainability, without compromising longevity and safety,” added Philipp Ostbomk, Director Sales B2B Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Conversely, this means lower costs for the customer thanks to high mileage, but also a contribution to reducing the ecological footprint,” Ostbomk continues.

While certain properties improve with increasing mileage, such as braking performance on dry roads and fuel consumption, braking performance in wet conditions with a lower tread depth decreases. To counteract this, the MICHELIN AGILIS 3 is designed in such a way that it enables enhanced braking performance on wet roads up to a profile wear indicator of 1.6 millimetres.

In addition to the A classification in the EU tyre label for wet grip in new condition, the MICHELIN AGILIS 3 continues to offer good braking values ​​on wet roads, which even exceeds the safety threshold applicable to new tyres.

This performance was made possible by using EverGrip technology. It is an innovative rubber compound with an optimised composition of carbon black and silica, which contributes to safety and braking behaviour in wet weather up to the wear limit of 1.6 millimetres.

Furthermore, the new profile design of the MICHELIN AGILIS 3 has deep grooves and flexible tread blocks, which contribute to good vehicle handling on wet roads. U-shaped grooves also give the tyre a better ratio between wet and dry handling at a tread depth of two millimetres and ensure efficient water drainage down to the TWI (tread wear indicator).

The MICHELIN AGILIS 3 offers durability and robustness due to two technologies that were developed for MICHELIN truck tyres and which Michelin has now transferred to a light commercial vehicle tyre for the first time: a rubber compound with good abrasion resistance and a patented technology that prevents stones from sticking to the tread. Michelin also used the same tyre flank protection solution that was used for the first time in the MICHELIN AGILIS CrossClimate for even more safety.

Dimensions will be available from April 2020 (followed by another twelve dimensions in Europe by July, which cover a total of 75 percent of market demand): 195/70 R 15C 104/102R (98T), 225/70 R 15C 112/110S, 215/70 R 15C 109/107S, 205/65 R 16C 107/105T (103H), 225/65 R 16C 112/110R, 195/65 R 16C 104/102R (100T), 195/75 R 16C 110/108R, 215/65 R 16C 109/107T, 205/75 R 16C 113/111R (110T), 235/65 R 16C 115/113RI, 195/75 R 16C 107/105R and 215/65 R 16C 106/104T (102H).

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