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Michelin Managing Tyres of ESP Solutions

Michelin ESP Solutions

ESP Solutions, a complete logistics service operator based in Ceutí, Murcia wield a fleet with a cutting-edge technology has announced an agreement with Michelin that sees the latter carry out the management of its tyre policy.

ESP Solutions Select Michelin

ESP Solutions, before A.T. La Espada, with 20 years in the industry mainly focuses on international distribution which is complemented by warehousing and goods distribution for all of Spain. The company has presence in 11 European countries and regularly has trips going to and from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. At the end of 2019, the organisation formed a part of the Top 5 logistics providers in the state of Murcia and had hit 80 million in sales for year, representing a 20% increase on the previous period.

ESP Solutions has placed its confidence in Michelin to not only carry out the periodic preventive maintenance but also for the management of the fleet’s tyres. Betting on sustainable mobility and efficiency, the agreement has materialised through an Effitire contract which is based on a variable cost linked to activity and mileage levels.

The logistics operator has a fleet of 600 trucks at its disposal. The fleet’s average is about 12 months and prides itself on adhering to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. The Euro 6 trucks, allow the company to lower the fleet’s carbon footprint to follow the unique sustainability standards in the sector. As of today, ESP Solutions has an emissions impact that represents only 5% of what existed a decade ago. Additionally the company is working with more than 300 collaborators.

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