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Michelin Continues Its Commitment to Sustainable Mobility Through New Effitires Contract with Abellio Buses

Michelin Effitires Abellio Buses
Abellio Bus has continued its partnership with Michelin Services and Solutions. Michelin will continue to manage all tyres for Abeillo’s 800-strong bus fleet, which both sides estimate will cumulatively save around 900,000 kilogrammes of CO2. Abellio will also use Michelin’s newly-launched electric vehicle tyre, the X InCity EV Z for around 120 of its fleet starting 2022.

Abellio Bus Signs a New Five-Year Effitires Contract with Michelin

Contended with the savings they have seen from Michelin’s Services and Solutions team, as well as the environmental benefits, Abellio is keen to keep ...

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