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Michelin Fire Brigade Gain New Fire Engine

Michelin Fire Engine

Michelin Plant Security manager Harald Wolf and his employees in Bad Kreuznach welcomed a new fire truck just before the new year, in an investment that shows Michelin is helping to renew the in-house safety equipment for Nahe Region.

New Engine Crucial for the Fire Department

“Not only are well-trained firefighters important, but so is modern equipment for fire protection at an industrial location like Michelin,” emphasises Wolf. “And when this equipment is a new vehicle with various technical refinements, the firefighters have the right equipment for the job.”

The fire engine is medium-sized with a 1,000-litre water tank. The MAN commercial vehicle TGL 8.190 has a capacity of 190 hp and utilises modern features. These features include a powerful permanently installed centrifugal fire pump directly on the auxiliary drive of the vehicle, with automatic pump pressure control and a battery-powered rescue kit with scissors and other first-aid objects. On-board, an essential item is the hygiene station for hand, body and equipment cleaning, plus a light, flexible pole that is operatable via joystick.

With the installation of the engine, Wolf has ensured that the 64 factory firefighters at Michelin have complete command of the modern vehicle and its functions, which replaces an older model.

Michelin Fire Brigade Undertake 177 Deployments During 2021

The Michelin fire brigade in Bad Kreuznach consists of twelve full-time and 52 part-time firefighters. Their fleet includes six special vehicles and eight trailers, including a large-capacity fan, powder extinguishing systems and water ring monitors for discharging extensive amounts of water over an extended period, as well as a hose trolley.

In 2021, the brigade undertook 177 smaller missions, including technical assistance, medical services and other essential tasks. The volunteer firefighters completed twelve exercises over eight hour periods, including a joint activity with the voluntary Bad Kreuznach fire brigade. The full-time firefighters also ensured the annual fire protection training for the entire Michelin workforce, including practical exercises with fire extinguishers.

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