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Michelin discusses the relevance of tyres in the transport sector at the ASERTRUCK annual meeting


Michelin is working to reduce fuel consumption by developing more efficient tyres that maintain performance down to the last millimetre

Michelin took part in the annual meeting of ASERTRUCK, highlighting the importance of tyres in the transport sector

During the annual meeting of ASERTRUCK, the Spanish Association of the Renault Trucks Network, which took place in Granada on 25 September, the importance of the tyre in the transport sector was highlighted.

David Sánchez Calzas, Country Manager Truck & Bus First Teams of Michelin Spain and Portugal analysed the current situation of the sector and its evolution, the role of the new phase of the VECTO certification and its extension to new vehicle segments from 2024, the new toll policy in countries like Germany with rates that take into account the category and CO2 emissions of each vehicle, as well as the problem of the age of a very old fleet of trucks, with an average of more than 14 years.

In this context, and bearing in mind that between 20% and 30% of the energy consumed by a vehicle in its journey is due to tyre rolling resistance, Michelin is working through innovation in areas such as casing, materials and tread architecture, with the aim of developing and making more efficient tyres available to hauliers, enabling them to adapt to new regulations, maintaining performance over a greater number of kilometres and contributing to more sustainable transport.

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