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Michelin Confirms Acquisition of PTG and Téléflow

Michelin PTG Téléflow

Michelin has confirmed that it has acquired PTG and Téléflow to continue its expansion to become a global leader in cental tyre inflation systems within the agricultural market.

Move by Michelin to Enhance Central Tyre Inflation Systems to Maximise Agronomic and Economic Performance of Farmers

PTG, based in Neuss, Germany manufactures and sells tyre inflation systems for vehicles and trailers. One of the products the company is well known for is the AIRBOX/ mobil system for inflation, axle by axle on stationary vehicles. PTG CEO, Peter Tiggers said of the acquisition, “I am delighted that PTG has found a partner in Michelin that shares our passion for innovation, technology and customer service.”

Téléflow, based in Roanne, France, also designs, manufactures and sells tyre pressure control systems. These allow pressures to be adapted according to the terrain by the use of special patented valves.

Téléflow is the biggest supplier of tyre pressure control systems to the military sector and closely collaborates with many OE manufacturers. The company’s best-known product allows users to select the terrain and load being transported; the IN-MOTION CONTROL system automatically adapts the tyre pressures to the conditions on the move.

“Having developed pressure control systems for over 20 years, the possibility to work alongside Michelin to bring industry-leading products and systems to market is an amazing opportunity,” explained Guillaume Fazekas, Téléflow CEO.

Hot on the heels of the launch of the Michelin EvoBib tyre with ADT (Adaptive Design Technology), this alliance with two European leaders in tyre pressure control systems allows Michelin to provide customers with complete systems optimising their machines’ interaction with the ground – both in the field and on the road.

Transforming from a pure tyre manufacturer to a full solution provider, Michelin will meet farmers’ challenges with offers that simplify tyre pressure management. So pressures can be quickly and automatically adjusted; to work at low pressures in the field – to protect soil and increase productivity and yields; plus higher pressures on the road – to ensure better stability at high speeds and improve tyre longevity.

“Our ambition is to continue innovating to provide increasingly complete solutions, guaranteed by Michelin, that help farmers optimise the performance of their machines while protecting their soil, adds Emmanuel Ladent, President of Michelin Agriculture. “It also marks the dawn of a new approach for the Michelin Agricultural Product Line.”

Going further, Ladent adds, “The first concrete example of this is Zen@Terra, which combines Michelin EvoBib tyres with Adaptive Design Technology, central tyre inflation systems from PTG and Téléflow, and easy-to-use in-cab dashboard control systems, all backed by a Michelin warranty. This is a complete solution for farmers; it manages all aspects of tyres and their interaction with the ground, both in the field and on the road, and ultimately it will help maximise yields, efficiency and economic performance for farmers.”

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