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Latest Swedish Statistics Published for Trucks and Buses

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The new registrations in Sweden of both light and heavy trucks showed strong growth in July, with an increase of 31 and 17 per cent respectively. These jumps were supported by the registrations 2010 light trucks and 266 heavy trucks during the month.

Mobility Sweden Reveal Registration Figures for July

This is the result of the improved delivery capability where many customers have been waiting a long time for new, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Another positive sign is the high percentage of electric light trucks registered in July, which amounted to 24 per cent, 483 vehicles.

Bus registrations, however, increased sharply, almost doubling compared to July last year, but again from low levels. Close to 38 per cent of the new registrations in July were for an electric bus. During the first seven months of the year, the number of registered buses has decreased by approx. 22 per cent.

Despite challenges with inflation, high interest rates and a weaker economy, heavy and light trucks to see market growth. Transport volumes are still at a relatively high level, while the hauliers want to renew their vehicle fleets. For trucks and buses, however, electrification has not come as far; therefore it is required that cost-effective policy instruments and long-term conditions for the industry’s transition are continued. This is to speed up the transition and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness, concluded Mattias Bergman at Mobility Sweden.

A full breakdown of July’s registrations have been outlined below.


2023/07 2022/07 YOY YTD
HGVs ( >= 16 ton) 266 227 17.2% 26.6%


Light Trucks ( <= 3,5 ton), 2010 1533 31.1% 22.3%
Light Electric Trucks 483 231 109.1% 64.3%


Total Trucks 2,298 1,789 28.5% 22.4%


ElectricBus 22 15 46.7% 26.4%






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