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Individual Tyre Solution for Special Requirements

Individual Tyre Solution Requirements

Brüning family farm opts for Bridgestone VT-Tractor premium agricultural tyres with VF technology in special configuration.

The Brüning family dairy farm produces about 13,600 litres of milk per cow annually, making it one of the top 20 farms in Germany. As an operator of closed-loop livestock farming, the qualitative management of arable land plays an important role in ensuring a high-quality feed supply for high-performance dairy cows and thus in achieving a high milk yield. The ideal support in the field is provided by premium agricultural tyres from Bridgestone, which, thanks to their special performance characteristics, are ideally suited to the requirements of the family farm. As the farm manager on site, Hergen Brüning knows exactly what is important when it comes to tyres for the tractors.

“The soils of our farmland are loamy sandy soils that are easy to work and require special care. In order to cultivate the land regeneratively, we work in the field almost exclusively without a plough,” explains Hergen Brüning, farm manager of the dairy farm. “For our machines, we therefore need tyres that are gentle on the soil, which must not be too wide due to the tramlines that have to be passed, and at the same time provide efficient performance. The choice fell on Bridgestone VT-Tractor tyres with VF technology in the appropriate configuration, not least due to the detailed advice provided by the dealer Raven Landtechnik.”

Optimum Soil Protection Thanks to VF Technology

In the dimension VF600/65 R28 for the front axle and VF620/70 R42 for the rear axle, the Massey Ferguson 7S190 tractor of the dairy farm is equipped with Bridgestone VT-Tractor agricultural tyres. The machine’s track width of 2.25 metres makes it ideal for driving between rows in maize crops. In order to be able to work particularly gently on the soil, tyres with VF technology were deliberately selected, which are only available from Bridgestone in the sizes used in the premium segment. In addition, the rear axle is equipped with an air pressure control system. This makes it possible to drive with a lower air pressure, which reduces ground pressure and protects the underbody.

“The Bridgestone VT-Tractor comes with VF technology, which sets the highest standards in terms of performance and ground protection,” says Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe. “It enables up to 40 per cent heavier loads compared to a standard tyre, giving our customers the best possible support in agricultural operations.” The dairy farm’s machine was converted accordingly by dealer Raven Landtechnik to support the farming operation with excellent performance in the field.

Performance Features for Efficient Use in The Field

In addition to the essential benefits offered by the use of VF technology, the Bridgestone VT-Tractor also boasts other performance characteristics to support efficient and productive farming. “For our use in the field, we need a tyre that is gentle on the soil and offers first-class mileage and a high level of driving comfort in road use,” says Hergen Brüning, farm manager of the dairy farm. “On recommendation, we therefore chose the Bridgestone VT-Tractor, which is ideally suited to our specific requirements.”

The fact that the VT-Tractor, with its outstanding performance in the field, is appreciated by many farmers can also be attributed to its innovative design. “The premium tyre’s involute lug design enables optimal interlocking with the ground and thus the best possible transmission of tractive forces. This is further aided by its overlapping lugs in the centre of the tread,” says Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe. “At the same time, the VT-Tractor offers higher load-bearing capacity thanks to its special bead design, while contributing to reduced fuel consumption.”

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