Bridgestone VT-Tractor Tyres Combine High Drawing Force and Low Ground Pressure for Quellendorfer Landwirte GbR


Quellendorfer Landwirte GbR is a mixed agricultural farm that requires versatile equipment to go about its operations. The right tyre is a crucial factor to the company’s success, which is why Doctor Sebastian Ulrich has opted for Bridgestone Tyres over the past five years.

How Bridgestone's Tyres Help Agricultural Operations

“As a mixed farm in a region with little grassland, we grow a lot of produce on our arable land, while the region of Southern Anhalt is normally associated with plant production. Our specialism ranges from heavy tillage and harvests to liquid manure spreading. This is why our machines and the tyres that go with them are subject to a variety of stresses," explains Ulrich, one of Quellendorfer Landwirte GbR’s managing directors.

“High tractive effort and low ground pressure are crucial for us in the field. When working with the mower combination in grassland, the lower air pressure on the VT-Tractor results in a larger contact area, which is particularly gentle on the turf. In addition, the tyres must be capable of a high mileage when on the road. With our wheel loaders and telehandlers, it is important to have high load-bearing capacity and stability. The Bridgestone agricultural tyre range offers the right tyre for every application. We are therefore happy to have been able to rely on the tyre manufacturer for years – and will continue to do so in the future."

Driving Dynamics and Wear Behaviour Remain Crucial Factors for Farmers

At Quellendorfer Landwirte GbR there are currently six agricultural machines running on Bridgestone tyres. The Bridgestone VT-Tractor and the VT-Combine, as well as the Duraforce from Firestone, are used on the telehandler for around 900 hours per year per work machine.

“On our Claas Xerion 4500, which is used specifically for tillage and forage harvest, we rely on the VT tractor in the size VF710 / 75R42. The combination of the casing, strong wear and load-bearing capacity, Ulrich notes makes Bridgestone’s VT-Tractor the perfect choice for their business operations.

“Every segment has its flagship and in the tractor tyre sector this is certainly our VT-tractor,” explains Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe. A highly stable model with a robust carcass, Frost adds that it “Enables a large contact area with a low level of soil compaction. At the same time, excellent traction with the associated low fuel consumption leads to increased effectiveness, which directly benefits the farmers.”

"Based on the positive experience we have had with Bridgestone agricultural tyres over the past five years, especially with the impressive load capacity, we will continue to equip our upcoming machines with Bridgestone VT-Tractor tyres," added a satisfied Ulrich.

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