Continental Adds New Trailer Tyre in the Conti Hybrid Generation 3+ Range


Continental has updated its Hybrid line for regional distribution applications, with the Conti Hybrid HT3+ for trailer axles. The new tyres have the 3PMSF symbol plus enhanced grip and high mileage. 

Plus Addition to Conti Hybrid Tyre Line Indicates Heightened Development for Tyre Line

The plus symbol indicates new developmental changes for the tyre. The tyre can better withstand hilly, winding roads and long journeys and is versatile on country roads and motorways. 

Having already launched the Conti Hybrid HS3+ to replace the Conti Hybrid HS3 for the steering axle in recent months, Continental is now bringing out the Conti Hybrid HT3+.

Conti Hybrid HT3 Model Suitable for Regional Distribution

Bearing the statutory 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) marking on its sidewall, the tyre is suitable for all-year-round applications. The specially designed groove geometry and improved pocket sipes enhance grip in wet and wintry road conditions. The tread design also helps provide enhanced mileage.

“The new Conti Hybrid HT3+ represents the logical next step for heavy-duty transport,” remarks Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Bus and Truck Tyres at Continental. “The Hybrid line is renowned for its combination of long service life and outstanding fuel efficiency. This maximises cost-effectiveness for fleet operators – and can now do so 365 days a year thanks to the 3PMSF rating.”

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