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Conti Launch New Generation 5 Conti Hybrid Range

Generation Conti Hybrid Range

Continental has announced the launch of its new premium tyre generation for commercial vehicles starting with the Conti Hybrid HS5 and Conti Hybrid HD5 for the steer and drive axles.

Conti Hybrid HS5 and Conti Hybrid HD5 for Steer and Drive Axles

The new tyres, designed for provide high mileage, durability and robustness in mixed regional use, have been launched as the first new tyres in Conti’s new Generation 5 product line in recognition of the growing importance of the regional goods transport sector and the need for a state-of-the-art product that provides exceptional performance on regional routes that also include some highway/motorway sections, as well as some on/off road capability.

The new Conti Hybrid HS5 and Conti Hybrid HD5 meet the diverse requirements of heavy-duty fleet use, i.e. frequent acceleration, braking, manoeuvring and cornering on a variety of road surfaces. The new premium tyres rise to these challenges with an array of cutting-edge developments; innovative treads, rubber compounds and state-of-the-art casing constructions deliver superb performance thanks to excellent mileage, durability and traction combined with optimised rolling resistance. Overall, the new line is claimed to offer mileage performance up to 20 percent higher than that of the predecessor generation – depending on the tyre size involved.


“With the high mileage on offer and premium retread solution, the long service life of the tires helps to achieve a high level of fleet efficiency and therefore ensure sustainable fleet management,” commented Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Bus and Truck Tires at Continental.

The rubber compounds used by the Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tyre line have been further developed specially to meet the exacting demands of regional transport. The Conti Hybrid line is the first to be upgraded into the manufacturer’s Generation 5 products.

The treads, with their two-layer construction (cap base) and innovative compounds, enable a high mileage and considerable robustness while also optimising rolling resistance in regional transport use. The mileage improvements reported by the company are up to 20% in the Conti Hybrid HS5. This also has a positive impact on fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. Both the Conti Hybrid HS5 for the steer axle and the Conti Hybrid HD5 for the drive axle offer top-class performance in all weather conditions and even with residual tread depths towards the end of the tyre life. A robust tread with new, full-width 3D matrix sipes takes the credit here.

Meanwhile, a 0° belt casing on the Conti Hybrid HS5 in 315/70 R22.5 format brings additional stability, a uniform wear pattern and optimal retreadability to the steer axle. A long and unbroken steel belt runs over the radial casing in the direction of travel. This construction optimises pressure distribution in the contact surface, especially under varying load conditions, as well as reducing the stress on the belt edges, which increases the service life of the tyre and retreadability.

The newly developed tread structure of the Conti Hybrid HD5 protects the tread and casing very effectively against stone damage at the drive axle. Centre grooves with increasing cavities in the second half of the tyre’s service life and special stone ejectors prevent stones becoming embedded in the tyre.

The new Conti Hybrid tyres will initially be available in Conti Hybrid HS5 315/70 R 22.5, Conti Hybrid HS5 385/55 R 22.5 and Conti Hybrid HD5 315/70 R 22.5. Next year the range will be expanded to include 295/80 S&D, 385/65 S&D, 315/70 S&D, 385/55 S, 315/80 S&D.

All tyres are also available from the factory as smart tyres and can be connected to digital solutions such as the ContiConnect digital tyre management system with the pre-installed tyre sensor.

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