Landsail Tyres’ Van Range a Helping Hand During the Christmas Period


Landsail Tyres have been ready and waiting during the festive period to help van drivers stay on the road during this competitive period.

The Snow Star and LSV88 a Key Part of Landsail’s Winter Range

To avoid drivers experiencing tyre punctures or replacements, Landsail brought out the Snow Star for vans. The winter tyre has a tread design suitable for vehicles with higher loads, especially during winter.

The Snow Star is formulated with an advanced silica compound to retain the flexibility needed for cold-weather control and the strength required to carry significant loads. Its tread design is engineered to channel water, snow and debris while maintaining grip and braking performance. Its saw tooth lateral groove design means it has a deep central channel and shoulders designed to reduce heat build-up and maintain cornering stability,

Importantly, the Snow Star offers decent braking distance and cornering control in wet, icy and snowy conditions.

The LSV88 is Landsail’s original van tyre, the first developed in its cutting-edge facility. The tyre is designed for durability, with agile handling for enhanced control and safety.

Commenting on why Landsail have continued to focus on the research and development of winter van tyres, its UK Brand Manager, Chris Saunders, explained, “Vans play a more important role in the economy than ever. With more drivers working in the sector, it has become more important to ensure they have the right tyres for the job. Cost is an important factor, as is safety, particularly with there being a peak around Christmas for deliveries.”

Saunders concluded by saying, “Creating a range of tyres designed to perform at an optimal level in all conditions made perfect sense to us. The LSV88 is a reliable, robust performer. However, for the busy winter, the Snow Star delivers increased control in lower temperatures.

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