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Landsail’s Two Commercial Vehicle Van Tyres Built to Last in Demanding Conditions

With Landsail’s two commercial vehicles tyres, the manufacturer has focused its energy on having two distinct tyres with different capabilities that offer cost savings, durability and comfort on the road.

Landsail Ultilise Groove and Sipes for Optimum Tyre Performance

Landsail’s LSV88 tyre was the manufacturer’s original tyre for commercial vehicles. The tyre has a reinforced casing to balance heavy loads, plus “S” grooves to release heat from the tyre to avoid exhausting and weakening the tread of the tyre.

The tyre’s staggered sipe configuration also offers improved handling and braking in wet conditions, increasing the tyre’s high wear resistance.

Landsail also added the Snow Star tyre to its commercial vehicle range last year. This tyre is a winter solution due to its durability, enhanced traction and sturdiness during the colder months. The enhanced traction is partly due to its 3D stay-open sipes, which break up the snow, ensuring a tight grip for the tyre.

The Snow Star also features wide longitudinal grooves to expel water, allowing the wet grip to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve steering. Finally, the sawtooth lateral grooves and advanced shoulder design helps reduce heat build up, offer robust traction and maximise grip force when on the road.

With Landsail’s two tyres, commercial vehicle operators have a choice between a year-round tyre and a more specialised tyre particularly suitable for tough winter conditions. As both tyres allow for high mileage, this is welcome news for fleets when choosing the correct tyres.

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