Continental Brings out the CompactMaster EM Loader Tyre


Continental's new telehandler and compact loader tyre the CompactMaster EM features a new Turtle Shield design and twisted steel cord, suitable for agricultural and construction-based tasks.

Construction-Ready Tyre Suitable for Rough Operations

Marking the advent of the new tyre, Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager Agricultural Tyres at Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres, said: "The CompactMaster EM is specifically designed to help operators handle demanding rough conditions. The tyre features new Turtle Shield tread technology and a twisted steel cord construction. The hard shell, and more flexible steel wire construction, helps to prevent cuts and damages whilst offering greater stability." The twisted steel cord construction is part of the unique Turtle Shield design beneath the tyre. Hübner explained that this feature "protects the tyre shoulder area from damage like cuts and penetration from foreign objects."

Maximising production while minimising punctures telehandlers and compact loaders have to make stationary turns on hard surfaces, which increases the lateral pressure on the tyre. This tyre has a thicker rubber surface with a finely structured block to offer better mileage and easier stationary turns. “The CompactMaster EM has been designed by our research and development team, with production taking place in our state-of-the-art production plant in Lousado, Portugal,” Hübner added.

A Tyre Equally Adaptable for Agricultural Applications

The CompactMaster EM tyre is equally adept for vehicles that work on paved surfaces, asphalt, sand and gravel, either in agriculture or construction. This is because the new tread pattern has been designed to withstand the lateral forces of stationary turns, which in turn makes the tyre more resistant to punctures from foreign objects. It is also capable of operating at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. Hübner notes that with better speeds, fleets are much better likely to save on crucial costs going forward in both sectors.

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