Michelin Launches Connected Fleet Management Services and Solutions Tool at Solutrans


Michelin's new fleet management programme offers tools and personalised assistance to help fleets manage better accuracy and their carbon footprint on the road.

Michelin Connected Fleet Launched at Solutrans

Solutrans 2021 was the site for Michelin to launch its new umbrella brand - Michelin Connected Fleet. Bringing together all fleet management services and solutions from the manufacturer into one group, this spans Masternaut in Europe, NexTraq in North America, and Sascar in South America. Used by 70,000 customers worldwide, which equates to 600,000 vehicles in 48 countries, the Connected Fleet receives and processes data from a mammoth 300 million journeys per year.

Michelin's aim with Connected Fleet is to utilise fleet management tools to improve efficacy, safety and the environmental impact for fleets. This will be through customers having the data to make more informed decisions for their fleets.

At Solutrans, Michelin presented its new fleet management solutions for trucks and trailers, intended for the transport and logistics market. These are connected solutions that are designed to give managers a complete, real-time vision of how their trucks and trailers are used.

Thanks to the telematics systems installed in the vehicles, fleet managers have a real-time view of their goods, the trucks and trailers making up their fleet, and the area in which they are located. They can therefore optimise the use of their fleet, reduce their costs, and ensure road safety, by adapting driving behaviours. They can anticipate maintenance programs to minimise unscheduled downtime. Lastly, they can monitor tyre pressures and temperatures to reduce accidents and costs.

With Michelin experts on hand, customers will benefit from an in-depth analysis of data, which translates into action plans adapted to their needs. Transport companies, therefore, have information to enhance their operational efficiency.

Michelin Launches Connected Fleet in France after Successful 2020 Introduction in Spain

Michelin is now gearing up to deploy the programme in the UK, Germany and South Africa by the end of the year, after introducing the programme in Spain and using this unique trade fair to launch the programme in France.

Marc Pasquet, Director of the Michelin Services & Solutions Business Line, declared: “Data management is vital when it comes to running a fleet. As vehicle technology develops, our expertise in data analysis allows us to meet our customers’ requirements as precisely as possible to assist them in their activities. With Michelin Connected Fleet, we offer them the tools and expert support to help them transform the data from their vehicles into information with high added value. This will allow them to improve their company’s efficacy, reduce their environmental impact, and make their operations safer.”

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