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Michelin at Agroglobal 2023: Innovation for More Efficient and Sustainable Agriculture

Michelin Agroglobal 2023 Innovation

Michelin will be present at a new edition of Agroglobal from 5 to 7 September at the CNEMA in Santarém, Portugal.

The MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology will be displayed at Agroglobal 2023

Michelin will be present at Agroglobal 2023, the most important agricultural trade fair in Portugal, which will be held from 5 to 7 September at the National Exhibition Centre in Santarém. Under the slogan “Innovation for profitable and sustainable agriculture”, Michelin will bring to the public its current range of agricultural tyres.

Michelin’s Agricultural Tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology

Show attendees will be able to discover the range of MICHELIN agricultural tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, developed in partnership with its customers to help the farmer work efficiently and sustainably throughout the crop cycle, along with its latest developments:

  • MICHELIN AXIOBIB 2 is a multi-purpose tyre designed for medium to high power tractors (160 hp to 560 hp) for heavy-duty work and transport.
  • MICHELIN EVOBIB: Designed for use with CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation Systems), MICHELIN EVOBIB is intended for use on high power tractors (over 200 hp).
  • The MICHELIN SPRAYBIB CFO (Cyclical Field Operation) tyre is designed for the new self-propelled treatment machines, which have increasingly larger tanks and larger spray booms and therefore need tyres capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • MICHELIN CEREXBIB 2 enables higher productivity with soil protection as well as high traction on slopes and wet soils.
  • The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB  allows farmers to equip their entire convoy with tyres with MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX technology and is fully compatible with tele-inflation systems.

In addition to the range of tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, Agroglobal is also showcasing the MICHELIN ROADBIB, a tyre for agricultural machines over 200 hp designed specifically to provide high performance in terms of durability and traction in intensive on-road use.

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