EARTHMAX: BKT’s Tyre for the Mining Sector

EARTHMAX - BKT's mining tyres

The EARTHMAX tyre range has been specifically designed to withstand the stress of the rough terrain typical of quarries and mines. 

BKT’s Solution for Mining 

With their rocky and uneven surfaces and rough terrain, mines are a real challenge for the machines operating in this sector and above all for the tyres fitted to them. 

Therefore, it is essential for operators to be able to count on resistant and reliable products that can withstand cuts and tears. This guarantees a prolonged product life cycle, while also providing traction and stability. Replacing a tyre due to damage or other problems would mean not only new investment, but would also impact on productivity. 

That is why BKT paid particular attention in developing tyres suitable for this type of application, studying them closely in minute detail 

The tyres in BKT's EARTHMAX range are designed for the toughest operations. It is a broad range of radial solutions designed to facilitate the best possible ground load distribution for dump trucks, wheel loaders, dozers, and graders. 

All EARTHMAX tyres are distinguished by their All Steel structure which provides resistance to the casing and so against impacts. These are essential features when faced with particular obstacles on the ground which could expose the tyre to serious risk of puncture or damage to the casing. 

In particular, this range includes three models which, thanks to their large size, are particularly suitable to handling mining operations under the toughest conditions. EARTHMAX SR 46 is fitted to rigid dump trucks which operate in rocky environments such as mines. Specifically designed to transport heavy loads, this tyre guarantees a high level of resistance to cuts thanks to its casing with a steel belt. Thanks to the specific design of the tread with blocks and grooving on the circumference, it guarantees reduced damage to the surface of the product and improved performance on bends. 

EARTHMAX SR 45 is also designed for rigid dump trucks and has a specific design of blocks and a deeper tread, which guarantees the product an extended life cycle. EARTHMAX SR 53, classified L-5, has been designed for loaders operating in difficult conditions. The tread consists of a compound which is particularly resistant to cuts. In addition, it is designed to offer extraordinary self-cleaning properties, which facilitate the expulsion of stones and other foreign bodies. 

In response to market demand, BKT has launched a Giant version of EARTHMAX SR 46 for rigid dump trucks operating at mines, dams and large worksites. This solution is available in the largest size which BKT has ever made: 33.00 R 51. With a diameter of over three meters, this tyre weighs 2,400 kg. 

The addition of a new Giant size is a strategic choice for BKT, making it possible to satisfy the needs dictated by new trends in the sector. 

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