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Increase in Light Vehicles registrations in Sweden

Commercial vehicle registrations

This increase registered by Mobility Sweden is due to improved delivery capacity from the historically large order books built up during the pandemic.

Mobility Sweden recorded an Increase of 12% compared to last year

According to data provided by Mobility Sweden, the number of newly registered passenger cars and light trucks increased in October by 12 and 63 per cent respectively compared to the same month last year. This gives a total increase of 3.5 per cent so far this year for passenger cars and 29 per cent for light trucks, compared with the first ten months of 2023.

In October, 25,016 new cars were registered. An increase of 12 per cent compared to October 2022. The share of rechargeable cars remains high and amounted to almost 61 per cent of new registrations in October. This is driven by the business market, which accounts for seven out of ten of all registrations of new plug-in cars this year. The private market remains weak, which is also clearly visible in the industry’s internal order statistics, which have fallen sharply. The proportion of electric cars is falling from the year’s highest level of just over 44 per cent in September to around 38 per cent in October.

In the order statistics, electric cars are the product category that is falling the most right now, which will be visible in the registration statistics shortly. This is worrying for Sweden’s ability to achieve both national and EU climate goals

Summary of new registrations in October 2023

“It is important that the government in its climate action plan has high goals for the climate and in future budgets includes instruments that lead to the goals.The electrification of light trucks has not come as far as passenger cars and city buses, but we are now seeing more people converting their vehicle fleets to electric alternatives.  “, says Mattias Bergman, CEO of Mobility Sweden.

Also, 4,199 light trucks were newly registered in October, which is an increase of 63 per cent compared to the same month in 2022. As with passenger cars, the increase can largely be attributed to the ability to deliver from large order books. Of the newly registered light trucks, 23 per cent were electric.

Heavy commercial vehicles continue to show a decline in new registrations also in October. Heavy trucks fell by 39 per cent and buses by 80 per cent compared to October 2022. The decrease for heavy trucks is mainly explained by a remarkable increase in registrations in August as a result of the EU decision on new smart tachographs. This led many buyers to bring forward deliveries, which affected the following months. The volume of buses is largely governed by public procurement, which can lead to high variation from month to month. Another reason for the fall in October is that many people chose to register their electric city buses in August before the electric bus premium ended.






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