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Goodyear Increases Total Mobility Offer with Enhanced New Technology and Data Integration

Goodyear Total Mobility Technology

The latest Goodyear enhancements contribute to easing the digital transformation of fleets and service providers, which includes TechHub. TechHub – available to service providers and fleet technicians currently using Goodyear’s Total Mobility smart monitoring solutions – is a plug-play installation app for Goodyear Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Goodyear DrivePoint, reducing downtime and supporting straightforward set-up. Additionally, FleetHub sets new standards by uniting Goodyear’s TPMS, CheckPoint (Drive-Over-Reader) and DrivePoint solutions into one platform in an overall extension of its Total Mobility Offer.

Smart Technology Key to Latest Offer from Goodyear

Both FleetHub and TechHub are connecting numerous data points from different systems, presenting available tyre health data in one place. These advancements give fleet operators and service providers the data they need to make informed decisions on tyre management and overall maintenance needs of the vehicle park. 

The new TechHub app simplifies the installation of smart tyre monitoring solutions, making for an integrated solution and installation app for Goodyear’s TPMS and DrivePoint, providing multiple benefits for service providers. The new app supports technicians in the installation of the smart tyre monitoring system set-up while implementing high-quality standards facilitating the correct working of the system. Overall data exchange between fleet customers and their service provider is enhanced by supporting connectivity tools for fleets.

TechHub, therefore, provides a solution that eases the installation process and reduces downtime. The advanced installation protocol supports accurate wheel positioning, eliminating the potential risk of false manual entries, and allows benchmark setting for precise algorithm calculations and alert prompting while the system is operational.

How TechHub Works

Starting with the key wheel position data is collected at once via a digital scan. All TPMS tyre sensor and vehicle TPMS devices are then linked, automating the vehicle configuration. Subsequently, all data is uploaded to the cloud for easy storage and accessibility. The data is instantly transferred from the field to the back office, improving customer experience at fleet level.

By enabling data integration and synchronisation between different solutions and data, the process provides critical tyre data coming from Goodyear’s TPMS and DrivePoint in one place. Soon, ZF’s Trailer FMS and telematics, branded TRANSICS, will be added to the ecosystem of applications. Importantly, service providers can access the data via TechHub. Beyond setting new advanced installation standards, the application also provides key tyre performance metrics and facilitates upgrades and other app maintenance activities. 

Goodyear is now upgrading its well-known fleet manager platform and application, addressing evolving ‘big data’ needs of today and tomorrow articulated by leading transportation companies across Europe. By creating an updated version that integrates all available tyre health data in one user-friendly online and mobile overview, customers can now use FleetHub to gain easily access data from Goodyear’s TPMS and Checkpoint (Drive-Over-Reader) and DrivePoint. This user-friendly solution equips managers with a complete data pool to make the most informed decisions.

Furthermore, for CheckPoint users, FleetHub brings a modern online user interface, including advanced mobile applications available to operators. Data integration results in a better user experience with centralised support. The platform is also future-proof, with users enjoying regular software updates and the overall evolution of the Goodyear Total Mobility value proposition.

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