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Go Further, Last Longer: BKT’s New POWERTRAILER SR 331

Green tractor in a field pulling a tanker-style trailer

The new all-steel radial tyre made by the Indian multinational has been specifically designed for agricultural road transport operations.

Redefining Transportation with Fuel Economy and Durability

BKT officially unveils POWERTRAILER SR 331, the All Steel radial tyre, announced a few months ago and is taking the field among the company’s flagship products. The leading off-highway tyre manufacturer has a portfolio of over 3,600 products, making it the most comprehensive tyre range available.

BKT’s POWERTRAILER SR 331 is the novelty the agricultural world has been waiting for, a solution specifically designed to meet the evolving needs typical of trailer and tanker transport applications. It is particularly suitable for road transport operations, ensuring excellent performance and efficient operations.

POWERTRAILER SR 331 is a highly innovative and superb solution in terms of performance, especially on the road, exceeding our expectations and showcasing BKT’s commitment to providing high-quality products. Using this new tyre, we want to ensure a superior level of the overall end-user experience. In fact, compared to similar solutions available on the market, POWERTRAILER SR 331 distinguishes itself for its durability and strength, but it actually stands out as a synonym for fuel economy. This is a positive contribution in favour of the environment,” said Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT.

Sustainable Performance

This tyre also features good flotation properties that help reduce soil compaction by preventing soil damage and preserving its structure. Meanwhile, the lower rolling resistance ensures savings in fuel consumption and, as a result, in costs.

Another key feature of POWERTRAILER SR 331 is its excellent stability, even at high speeds, during the most demanding handling situations, such as cornering or traffic circles where significant weight transfer occurs. Moreover, the all-steel construction ensures excellent transportation performance even at high load capacities, whilst the unique sidewall rib provides outstanding protection against impacts and tyre rubbing effects. In addition, the hexagonal bead with chafer reinforcement ensures that the tyre perfectly fits the rim.

The operator’s advantages should also not be underestimated. Thanks to the multi-block tread design, the operator can benefit from excellent driving comfort and smooth roadability, even in wet conditions. Besides, the tread design ensures uniform wear, reducing tractor-induced vibration phenomena.

The POWERTRAILER SR 331 is just the latest innovation from BKT, confirming the company’s remarkable progress in its research and development activities. These activities aim to develop advanced solutions to meet the complex demands of farming transportation.

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