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BKT Tyres Last Forever Says I Gelsi

BKT Tyres I Gelsi

BKT has gathered the testimonial of farming company I Gelsi, an innovative family business rooted in Northern Italy for fifty years.

Italian Farming Company Swears by BKT

Led by Stefano Lanzoni and his brother, the company stretches today over an area of 70 hectares, employs 10 people on a fixed basis plus an additional 30 collaborators in peak periods. The company’s core business is the cultivation, harvesting and sale of apricots, kiwi and plums.

The company’s main activities are performed within orchards, a job that is carried out by sprayers, excavators, mulchers, zappers, trailers, and well 15 orchard tractors, which one of the partners in I Gelsi, Stefano Lanzoni, has decided to fit with BKT’s AGRIMAX RT 765 tyres.

TK’s AGRIMAX RT 765: Versatile, Convenient and Efficient

“The strength of BKT tyres is their traction,” says Lanzoni. “If working in the countryside, this is an essential factor as well as comfort: what BKT offers is unrivalled. I much appreciate the fact that BKT tyres are easily available and known by everybody – this is a great advantage that reduces machinery downtime, which is very expensive,” he explains.

AGRIMAX RT 765 is one of BKT’s best sellers, and it is particularly suitable for modern tractors in heavy-duty applications such as soil tillage, spraying, harvesting and transfers both in the fields and on the road. It ensures reduced soil compaction and offers high self-cleaning properties.

Thanks to its large contact area, the tyre ensures comfort on all surfaces and top traction, as well as providing high load capacity, and good handling. It is available on the market in two sizes featuring steel-belted technology for improved resistance.

“In addition to its handling, the tyre’s product life-cycle seems to have no end,” adds Lanzoni. “BKT products last forever, and this is how they enable us to sustain less costs. A great advantage for a company.”

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