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FUELMAX ENDURANCE Series Put to the Test from Industry Insiders


The TEST THE MAX! series by Goodyear is the tried and tested independent test for drivers to see if Goodyear is true to its marketing campaign. Twelve fleets have stepped up to check the product and give their honest reviews online in what is shaping up to be another memorable competition.

FUELMAX ENDURANCE Testing Raring to Go

Goodyear’s new truck tyre for steering and drive axles has hit the motorways and rural roads of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Optimised for rolling resistance, this gives fuel savings and lower CO2 rates for drivers, while the tyre offers taut traction and solid mileage. After the tyre was launched in September, twelve transport companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland came forward to check the tyre’s capability in their day-to-day business operations in tests that Goodyear has organised to prove that its tyres are the real deal.

“Climate legislation such as the European Green Deal and its implementation in the Fit for 55 programmes under the European Union’s climate policy have made CO2 reduction a key policy within the transport industry. Fleet managers also have to meet the expectations of investors and customers who demand sustainable business models and CO2-neutral supply chains,” adds Viviane Loop, Marketing Manager for Commercial Vehicle Tyres at Goodyear. “The FUELMAX ENDURANCE is our fuel-efficient tyre series with a wide range of uses that fulfils the continuing diversification of legislation relating to environmental requirements.”

Test Fleets Have High Expectations for Goodyear

Looking at a selection of the fleets available, each has a different expectation. The Nagel Group, based in Versmold, would like a tyre with optimised rolling resistance for various routes. However, they don’t want to compromise on the performance characteristics: “A fuel-efficient tyre for different routes, which reduces emissions and optimises total operating costs would be an excellent addition to our environmental strategy,” explains Nicolas Luchtefeld, Service Supervisor of Fleet Management at the Nagel Group. The company offers high-quality transport and storage services in food logistics, with a fleet of 7,000 towing and towed units in use across Europe, so these elements that Luchtefeld seeks demonstrates the high standards the fleets involved are searching for when choosing the ideal tyre.

“If the FUELMAX ENDURANCE offers rolling resistance optimisation without compromises in terms of mileage, traction and robustness, we would be delighted!” adds Luchtefeld, gamely.

Another fleet taking part in TEST THE MAX! is the shipping company Große-Vehne from Rhede in Münsterland. It offers the transport of all kinds of goods with a focus on building materials and dangerous goods in long-distance and regional transport. “I would like a tyre with high mileage and optimised fuel efficiency. The tyre has to be more robust than a standard motorway tyre, as our fleet drives long-distance, as well as in regional traffic,” explains Frank Große-Vehne, the company’s managing director.

D + S Schnelltransport GmbH is also in the test fleet panel. The forwarding company has specialised in tyre logistics and takes to the road with its 75 vehicles – including 50 articulated lorries – in long-distance and regional transport. “We are hoping for a full-circle experience from the new FUELMAX ENDURANCE,” Managing Director Dominik Desch explained. “Fuel efficiency from the FUELMAX Gen-2 is important, and we’re familiar with the tyre from long-distance traffic. We want the FUELMAX to combine with driving on the motorway and country roads, which we’re also familiar with, this time from the Kmax Gen-2.”

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