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From Planes to Ploughing: Mitas at Agrishow 2024

Mkitas at Agrishow poster with a tyre and a bluew sky with red underneath

Visit Mitas booth #E8b to explore tyres designed for modern agricultural operations, including the latest ranges featuring VF technology, high load capacity, and soil protection features in new sizes.

Elevating Farming Solutions: Mitas Showcases European Tyre Expertise at Agrishow 2024

Mitas, one of the leading European tyre brands, is exhibiting its solutions for Brazilian farmers at Agrishow 2024. The show features a portfolio of tyres for tractors, agricultural machinery, planes, and motorcycles. At its booth #E8b, the highlights include the expansion of the HC 3000 range, the AGRITERRA 04 tyre, and the SFT. Agrishow is taking place in Ribeirão Preto (SP) from April 29th to May 3rd.

Mitas has announced the expansion of the HC 3000 CFO tyre line in the Brazilian market, introducing the new VF800/70R38TL size. This size is designed for high-power tractors and harvesters that carry out Cyclic Field Operations (CFO), which are highly popular in local agriculture. With VF (Very High Flexion) technology, which guarantees up to 40% greater load capacity than standard tyres, the HC 3000 tyre delivers efficient load distribution, reducing soil compaction and fuel consumption.

Fábio Metidieri, Sales Director of Yokohama TWS South America, said, “To help farmers in their daily operations, we’ve integrated VF technology with flexible sidewall and large tyre width, boosting traction, productivity and reducing slippage during harvest. Additionally the HC 3000 features an exclusive hexa-core technology allowing for a firmer fit of the rim, enhancing durability and resistance to deformation, even at low inflation pressures.”

Discover the Versatility of AGRITERRA 04 Tire: Redefining Agricultural Vehicle Performance

Another highlight at the Mitas booth is the AGRITERRA 04 tyre, which was developed for the non-driven wheels of various agricultural vehicles due to its versatility. By offering high load capacity and providing smooth driving on the ground, the tyre is widely used in Brazil for implements that require high loads and lower tyre pressure. In fact, the entire AGRITERRA range has been developed to significantly reduce soil compaction even with heavy loads.

“The large contact area, together with more efficient load distribution on the ground, provides an extremely positive impact on soil protection. Furthermore, the low rolling resistance of the AGRITERRA 04 tyres reduces fuel consumption”, added Metidieri.

Mitas also exhibits an SFT (Super Flexion Tyre) tyre developed specifically for high-powered tractors and harvesters where performance and reliability are essential. Its strong, flexible sidewalls allow operating at low inflation pressures to transport high loads. The large volume of air inside ensures smooth driving on the ground and maximum traction. With these characteristics, the SFT tyre boasts exceptional productivity, notably its ability to reach speeds up to 65 km/h during transportation.

Keeping an eye on the needs of the modern farmer, Mitas has a complete tyre portfolio not only for agricultural machines but also for aircraft and motorcycles, which will also be on exhibition at Agrishow 2024.

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