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Mitas and Cultor Providing Solutions For Farming Machinery

Mitas and Cultor

Esneagri, a Spanish tyre distributor, offers a wide range of Mitas and Cultor tyres as an appropriate solution that meets the requirements of every client.

Meeting the Farmers’ Needs

Tractors are becoming more powerful, technical and productive, so choosing the right tyre is an important step towards achieving maximum work productivity. Esneagri, the specialised distributor of agricultural tyres in Spain, offers a wide range of Mitas and Cultor tyres as an appropriate solution that meets the requirements of every client.

Ramón Martínez, general director of Yokohama TWS, stated: “Esneagri is a specialist distributor, which provides a service with maximum professionalism and advice as an added value to the sale of the tyre itself. All of their technicians know our brands and always inform the workshop and the farmer about what is the best alternative for each type of machinery, contributing their experience in all types of transformations.”

“Thanks to our Mitas and Cultor brands, we have a very extensive range of products, allowing us to meet all the needs of today’s agriculture: from narrow tyres to tyres for special crops, harvesters and tractors,” Martínez continued.

Maximum Investment Return

Not all clients are the same, but they always want to obtain the maximum return on their investment. The tyre is not an additional expense but an investment that, if done well, can provide a greater return than the initial investment.

“When a workshop asks us for advice, we do not intend to sell the brand of tyres with the highest price or the one that leaves us with the greatest margin. We are professionals, specialists in agricultural tyres, and we market a wide range of brands and solutions to offer the right tyre at all times,” says José Antonio Vargas, manager of Esneagri.

“We understand that brands such as Mitas and Cultor should be part of our commercial offer, since their wide ranges, their product quality and their efficiency in fuel savings, operator comfort and soil protection, even with high loads, In addition to allowing driving on the road at high speeds, they help us offer the best solution to the workshop and, therefore, to the farmer in many circumstances,” Vargas concluded.

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