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Continental’s Conti EcoPlus Tyre Range: Rolling Resistance Makes the Difference

Continental’s Conti EcoPlus Tyre Range

With soaring prices for petrol and diesel, Continental is offering solutions. With its Tyre Finder and CO2 tools and Conti EcoPlus tyre range, Continental is working to offer lower rolling resistance and improved cost savings. 

Continental Looks to Solutions for Struggling Transport Companies and Fleet Managers Amidst Early Warnings of Supply Chain Breakdown

As current coverage indicates, costs are rising and potential insolvencies could lead to a transport and supply chain breakdown. Continental argues that saving on fuel and, by extension, tyres are becoming more and more of a necessity. Looking to Continental’s research and development, its focus is on helping fleets reduce their CO2 emissions by 30 per cent to hit the EU’s 2030 climate targets.

Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Bus and Truck Tyres at Continental, says of the importance of reducing rolling resistance, “The rolling resistance of a tyre is responsible for as much as 30 per cent of a truck’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

For that reason, Continental is focusing primarily on tread compounds, which generate energy loss without negatively impacting grip or mileage. Adding that heat buildup causes hysteresis, Kaiser explains, “With hysteresis, energy is lost in the form of heat. Fuel has to be burned to counteract this effect and maintain the vehicle’s forward momentum”, which indicates the importance of choosing the ideal tyre.

With Continental’s Tyre Finder tool, this is one way in which the tyre manufacturer is helping fleet users opt for a tyre suitable for their business operations.

The Conti EcoPlus and Conti EcoRegional are Continental’s solutions to reduced rolling resistance and fuel consumption, thanks to the rubber compound. In mixed regional haulage, in particular, the EcoRegional can offer significant potential for savings, depending on the truck’s usage profile.

Backing up their research, Continental has created a CO2 and fuel calculator based on the VECTO simulation tool. This calculator allows fleet operators to work out how much they can reduce their emissions and fuel consumption with the right tyre selection.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers another tool – in the form of our new calculator – to help them work in a more sustainable way,” says Enno Straten, Head of Marketing Replacement Tyres EMEA at Continental.

With Tyre Finder, the CO2 and fuel calculator, and Continental’s Conti EcoPlus tyre range, Continental is working to find solutions while shining a spotlight on the current situation to help fleet managers and improve sustainability practices going forward.

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