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Continental Explain New Spanish MOT Changes to Clients

Continental Spanish MOT

In advance of the implementation of the Real Decree 563/2017 and 920/2017 that regulate the technical vehicle inspections to adapt Spanish inspections according to the requirements outlined by the European Union in the UE Directive 2014/45, Continental have created an informative guide to explain to its users and clients what and how the new guidelines affect commercial vehicle tyres.

Continental Informs Clients About New Spanish MOT Changes

Following the standard Continental, this brief manual outlines 11 points, in a visual, clear and simple way, the main updates that are came into force from the 20th of May 2018.

Thus, with this infographic, the users of M, N and O category vehicles are already being warned that in addition to the usual controls in terms of dimension, type and general state of the tyres, from now on aspects such as the obligation to include the word “REGROOVABLE” or the  W symbol if the tyre has been restructured.

Equally, the new MOT tests will pay attention to the mounting of FRT tyres exclusively on the trailer axes. This also includes for the first time, the revision of the tyre pressure control systems, if they are any, which will be examined through the system’s own diagnostic software.

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