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Continental Continue Working with Scania Fleets

Continental Working Scania Fleets

Scania’s Austrian and German fleets have been benefitting from the Conti360º Solutions Service from Continental for its tyre management and have noticed improved customer satisfaction thanks to the transparent cost and fuel efficiency that is offered by the programme.

Scania Vehicles Equipped with Conti EcoRegion and ContiRe Product and Technology Ranges

Scania in Austria and Germany have been utilising Continental’s Conti360º Solutions for nearly a year. During this period, Scania Rent has noticed increased fleet availability and benefitted from a comprehensive breakdown service delivered by Continental’s European network of partners. As well as a full portfolio of tyres from Continental, in terms of mileage, the costs have allowed Scania to give accurate price breakdowns for its customers without any unexpected extras.

Jörg Seelbach, Scania Rent Area Manager for Germany and Austria, notes that, “maximum flexibility, fixed and calculable rates, cost transparency and excellent planning reliability” are important factors for both Scania and its customers. Noting that Continental’s technological advantages have benefitted them, he explained thatthis has directly led to Scania Rent being able to increase fleet availability through the tyres and breakdown service offered by the programme.

Seelbach continues, “Fuel efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor for our customers when they rent vehicles. Saving fuel means a considerable reduction in the costs of the fleet and, therefore, also represents direct cost savings to fleets.”

Conti360º Solutions Proves Effective in Germany and Austria

Scania Rent operates 73 rental locations in Germany and Austria, which amounts to more than 900 tractor units and over 200 trailer units. The Conti 360º contract ensures that all new Scania Rent vehicles are equipped with Conti EcoRegional tyres. For the Austrian fleet, 40 trucks are currently equipped with Conti 360º Solutions with an additional 100 vehicles to have the Continental treatment during the current year, as well as 1,200 German vehicles.

Combining Conti EcoRegional tyres with the ContiLifeCycle offer allows for high mileage tyres with strong durability, which is a key element within the leasing segment.

“This tyre has been developed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” explains Ralf Benack, Director of 360° Solutions at Continental. “As part of our tyre stewardship approach, we rely on our hot-retread ContiRe tyres for both drive and trailer axles, helping to minimise total costs and increase sustainability.”

This is very much in line with Scania’s business strategy, or as Seelbach puts it, “Decarbonisation is a key objective in Scania’s corporate strategy as a global company and the service portfolio of Conti360° Solutions fits perfectly in this regard.”

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