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Continental Announce Winners for “Be the Best” Fuel-Saving Competition for Truck and Buses

Continental Winners Fuel-Saving Competition

Spedition FK Transport & Logistik GmbH and Eschweger Omnibusverkehr Frölich GmbH have both taken first place in Continental’s fuel-saving, “Be the Best” competition, by securing significant fuel savings with Conti EcoRegional and ContiUrban Drive tyres.

Continental Look to Both Cost and Environmental Savings for Companies to “Be the Best”

In an exciting contest, both Spedition FK Transport & Logistik, based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, and the bus company Eschweger Omnibusverkehr Frölich, based in Hessisch Lichtenau scored first place in the truck and bus categories of Continental’s “Be the Best” competition. Anne Tourscher, one of Spedition FK Transport & Logistik’s drivers managed to save 5.5 per cent fuel, while Bajram Ejupi from Eschweger Omnibusverkehr Frölich secured a 3 per cent fuel reduction. The drivers used a combination of Conti EcoRegional HS3, Conti EcoRegional HD3 and ContiUrban HA3 tyres to achieve the fuel savings.

Spedition FK Transport & Logistik See the Benefits of the Conti EcoRegional Tyre

Bilal Künduro, Fleet Manager of Spedition FK Transport & Logistik noted: “We drive our refrigerated trucks for food companies such as Unilever, Ferrero and Iglo, so punctuality and reliability are essential daily traits for us. That is why I have been relying on tyres from Continental for many years.” The haulage’s fleet includes 35 refrigerated trucks, semi-trailers, articulated lorries, tank trucks and silo transporters for transportation across Germany.

Taking the helm at the road, Künduro explained of one of his most experienced drivers, “Anne Tourscher regularly takes part in both safety and driving training courses and handles the designated routes safely and with foresight.” Noting the collaboration of tyre and driver, Künduro added, “With the Conti EcoRegional, she managed to use 5.5 per cent less fuel in the test period. The results convinced me once more of the quality of the tyres.”

With the Conti EcoRegional range, Künduro noted that the tyres could significantly increase the efficiency of his vehicles. Thanks to a special manufacturing process involving an innovative profile design for the steering axle and optimised rolling resistance for the drive axle, the Conti EcoRegional HS3 and HD3 can provide a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. More importantly, this can be achieved without sacrificing on mileage, traction and robustness. Künduro explained that the flexibility of the tyre has been crucial in delivering the food punctually and safely to the customer every day while reducing fleet costs and lowering carbon emissions.

Significant Fuel Savings for Eschweger Omnibusverkehr Frölich

An established company since 1883, Managing Director of Eschweger Omnibusverkehr Frölich, Konstantin Frölich wryly notes the business started with horse-drawn carriages. Nearly 140 years later, the company boasts 140 regular buses, 10 coaches and 20 minibuses. With extensive routes across Europe, safety and environmental protection are the touchstones of the company’s philosophy.

“We have always relied on quality brands for tyres. The robust ContiUrban HA3 stands for comfortable driving and good fuel efficiency on short and long journeys – exactly the points that are important for our operation,” asserts Frölich. With this tyre, driver Bajram Ejupi achieved an impressive 3 per cent fuel reduction. “With a fleet performance of around 7,485,000 kilometres per year, this has a significant impact on the fleet and is less of a burden on the environment,” explains Frölich.

Competition Open for Participants to “Be the Best” at Saving Fuel

Designed to see how much fuel participants can save with new Continental tyres compared to the previous year, the competition is proving a popular way for drivers to reduce their carbon footprint. For interested truck and bus drivers, the competition is open until the end of November. Measured over four months, the winners will be the entries who are able to most significantly reduce their fuel consumption in terms of percentage, thereby saving the most CO2 and increasing profitability.

Continental will choose the winners from the end of March 2022 onwards. The grand prize includes VIP participation in the International ADAC Truck Grand Prix in Nürburgring 2021, which takes place in 2022 and in the next Continental Bus Challenge on the ADAC site in Linthe. In addition, Continental has launched a regional large-format poster campaign for the winners in the Truck and Bus categories to celebrate their hard-fought victory.

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