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BKT Working Hand in Hand with Muktangan Education Trust

BKT Muktangan Education Trust

During the official event held in Mumbai on January 24, BKT officially delivered a check of over USD 144 thousand to the heads of Muktangan Education Trust, an important public school program in Mumbai.

BKT Donates 285 Thousand US Dollars to Sustain School

In the course of this year further USD 141 thousand for a total of USD 285 thousand will add to these. In particular, BKT’s donation will be for the purpose of financing teacher training and continuous tutoring as well as covering all operating costs of the N. M. Joshi school in Mumbai as part of this public project’s circuit aiming at fostering the education of children coming from the less serviced communities in the Mumbai area.

The N. M. Joshi school is situated in the proximity of BKT’s headquarters in the capital of India providing this way a high-quality school service for around 500 children from preschool to secondary education classes. The Muktangan school program started in 2003. Over the last 16 years, it has enabled the building of a new training center for teachers and not less than seven public schools providing education to over 3,700 children.

On this important occasion Mr. Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT, Ms. Vijaylaxmi Poddar, Chairperson of BKT’s CSR Committee and of the BKT Foundation, Mr. Sunil Mehta, Trust Director of Muktangan Education Trust, and Ms. Elizabeth Mehta, Founder Trustee of Muktangan Education Trust, were present.

“We at BKT are committed to shape a society that is more equal and more inclusive sustaining processes that lead to a sustainable transformation and rural development,” Ms. Vijaylaxmi Poddar, Chairperson of the BKT CSR Committee and the BKT Foundation states. “This is why our CSR Committee has decided to pursue the objective of promoting education, health and rural development.

Children are the future of our country, and we wish to play an active role in contributing to the improvement of everybody’s living conditions. This is the only way we can imagine a future for ourselves and the generations to come.”

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