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BKT Plans the Right Tyres for Breeding Activities

BKT Tyres Breeding Activities

For the Scaglia family and their 400-hectare farm, based in Rivoli, Northern Italy, quality harvesting and cattle farming requires specialist tyres, which BKT has provided for Scaglia Farm.

A Selection of Essential Tyres for Technically Demanding Tasks in the Field

Scaglia Farm, in the province of Turin, is a multifaceted family business, with the family motto being “Stockbreeders from the beginning.” Specialising in Piedmontese cattle, the three brothers all have designated roles. Mauro Scaglia explains, “We are willing, determined and always trying to raise the bar in terms of animal welfare, the health value of the feed we give our animals, and our crops.”

The three brothers, Paolo, who handles the harvest, Mauro, who works in cattle farming and Graziano who is the marketer and shop manager tested a range of BKT tyres on their machinery to see how the agricultural line could improve working conditions.

The wide-tread Agrimax V-Flecto tyre in the VF 540/65 R 28 size on the front axle and VF 650/65 R 38 on the back, was fitted to the New Holland T6.180 tractor. The family used the tyre to maximise loads without changing tyre pressure, meaning they can carry up to 40% more than a standard tyre in the comparative class. Its wide tread also reduces soil compaction.

The Agrimax RT 657 tyre was chosen for the New Holland T5.140 tractor in the 440/65 R 28 and 540/65 R 38 sizes and was equally versatile on earth and the road.

The Agrimax RT 855 tyre proved suitable in the 420/85 R 30 size and was ideal for switching easily from terrain to road, with excellent traction and high-load capacities.

The Flotation 648 tyre was used on the Crosetto agriculture trailer in the 385/65 – 22 size. The all-purpose tyre proved effective for spreader applications and harvests. The tyre was especially good at reducing soil compaction due to its low pressure and specialised tread.

The Con Star tyre was a particularly adaptable tyre for the family and was the initial product they sampled. It was used on the Merlo telehandler. Designed for forklifts, it was noted as having solid grip, resistance and durability, as well as vertical and lateral stability. The Scaglia family were thereafter brimming with confidence when trying the full range and versatility of BKT’s product line.

Regarding Con Star, Mauro Scaglia comments: We have had major advantages with BKT, above all in work in the sheds with our telehandler, an essential environment for us where competitors’ tyres had caused slipping. With BKT we observed better grip which gives us more control and safety in this important stage of our work.

Paolo echoed Mauro’s sentiments saying: We are happy we chose BKT and we look forward to going on together for many more years. They are soft products which do not cause us any backache. We tried them out on the telehandler and we then chose them for all our vehicles. From transport to ploughing, from seeding to shed work, BKT is always with us and we are really happy with our choice!

Rounding off the experience, Marco Scaglia, the son of Paolo added: We are engaged as the new generation and we hope to manage to equal and even go beyond what has been achieved by our family so far. Always with an eye on innovation and continuous improvement.

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