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Alliance 644 Forestar III: Interchangeable With Existing Tracks

Front angled view of a Alliance 644 Forestar Tyre

The Alliance 644 Forestar III, like the Alliance 643 in size 710/45-26.5, is now compatible with existing tracks. This allows users to seamlessly transition to Alliance tyres for enhanced stability and safety on steep slopes and muddy terrain.

A Tyre That Redefines Forestry Applications with its Superior Grip, Strength, and Stability

The Alliance 644 Forestar III is specially designed with double-angled lugs to provide incredible grip and traction. Thanks to its improved nylon casing with heavier steel belts and its reinforced hexagonal bead technology, the tyre offers excellent puncture protection and high load capacity, preventing the rim from slipping. The wide tread width ensures a larger footprint, resulting in low ground pressure. Exceptional stability and remarkable damage resistance make the 644 Forestar III the perfect solution for forestry needs.

The Alliance 644 Forestar III offers a seamless application with Olofsfors tracks, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users. There is no need to buy a separate track for Alliance tyres. Users can now switch to Alliance tyres under their existing track on 710/45-26.5 Alliance 644 Forestar III. The same goes for users seeking better solutions for 710/45-26.5 Alliance 643 Forestar III.

Alliance 643 and 644 are designed by experienced professionals to withstand tough and demanding environments.

Top Performance With and Without Tracks

The Alliance 644 Forestar III is equally capable of operations with and without tracks. The larger tread radius and flatter tread profile, horizontal grooves for enhanced track fitment, and flat centre lugs for improved traction make for perfect track compatibility. Two other manufacturers (Clarks and Pewag) also officially approved Y-ATG for their tracks to be mounted and used on the 644 Forestar III.

Made Tough

The 644 Forestar III tyre range offers efficiency, safe operations, and effective soil protection with sizes 710/45-26.5 (TT & TL), 750-55-26.5 (TT & TL), 710/55 28.5, 600/50-22.5, 600/50 26.5, and 780/50-28.5 (TT & TL). The versatility size 710/45-26.5 (seamlessly compatible with Olofsfors tracks and effortlessly interchangeable for enhanced functionality) is available in 20 PR for tube types and 24 PR for tubeless types.

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