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Alliance 643 Forestar III: Customers Can Now Change to Alliance Tyres with Their Existing Tracks

Alliance 643 Forestar III

Customers can now change to Alliance 643 Forestar III with their existing tracks in popular size 710/45-26.5.

Working in the forestry industry is no easy task. Forestry tyres must be durable, stable and able to handle steep slopes safely and efficiently. Tracks on tyres improve grip and traction, especially on challenging terrains. Simplifying track mounting or change enhances grip, stability and safety, elevating operations on steep or soft ground. The Alliance 643 Forestar III offers exceptional durability and boosts efficiency by seamlessly integrating with Olofsfors tracks. Customers can now change their tracks with the same track number on 710/45-26.5 Alliance 643 Forestar III.

The Alliance 643 Forestar III Durability

The 643 Forestar III is equally capable of operations with and without tracks. The larger tread radius and flatter tread profile, horizontal grooves for enhanced track fitment and flat centre lugs for improved traction make for perfect track compatibility. Y-ATG was officially approved by two other manufacturers as well (Clarks and Pewag) for their tracks to be mounted and used on the 643 Forestar III.

Made Tough

The tyre comes with reinforced nylon casing and advanced compounds that provide 120% of the wear resistance and chip/chunk resistance of standard forestry compounds. It features steel belts, hexagonal bead technology (prevents rim slip and bead failure), wider shoulders and a unique shoulder buttress design (strengthens the sidewall).

The 643 Forestar III tyre range offers efficiency, safe operations and effective soil protection with sizes 710/40-22.5 (TT & TL), 710/40-24.5 (TT), 710/45-26.5 (TT & TL), 750-55-26.5 (TT & TL) and 780/50-28.5 (TT & TL). The versatility size: 710/45-26.5 (seamlessly compatible with Olofsfors tracks & effortlessly interchangeable for enhanced functionality) is available in 20 PR for tube types and 24 PR for tubeless types.

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