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New Excavator Tyre: Alliance 399

Alliance 399

Introducing the new Alliance 399, specifically engineered for excavators, offering good traction in both forward and reverse directions with its non-directional diagonal lug design.

Maximum Operational Efficiency

The Alliance 399 guarantees maximum operational efficiency, whether on- or off-road. Designed to deliver versatility and reliability, it is ideal for various industries, including construction, agriculture, local authorities, forestry, mining, and industrial sectors. It is recommended for contractors to use compact excavators.

Sturdy Construction

The Alliance 399 boasts a steel-belted construction and a specialised tread compound, ensuring stability and resistance to cuts, chips, and chunks. These features result in minimal downtimes and an extended service life, even in the harshest conditions. Complemented by high non-skid depth, angular blocks, and centre blocks with tie bars, this tyre delivers exceptional durability and stability. Its open shoulders facilitate effective self-cleaning—a crucial advantage for excavators navigating various work sites.

The tyre features a wide footprint, prioritising soil protection during off-road excavator operation. Compared to frequently mounted duals, its wide tread prevents stone trapping, a common issue. This tubeless tyre is available in three sizes: 650/45-22.5, 600/50-22.5, and 600/40-22.5, with two additional sizes—710/40-22.5 and 500/45-20—currently in development.

The Alliance 399 Benefits

The new excavator tyre offers several benefits such as stability, minimising the risk of tipping over on uneven terrain and comfort for operators while driving long-distance between work sites. Another one of its features is multi-functionality and low ground pressure when working on soft or muddy soils. Its design reduces pressure, preventing the excavator from getting stuck and minimising soil disturbance. With all these benefits, the Alliance 399 is prioritising fast and safe working conditions.

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