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Zenises Group Capitalises on the Profitability of the Westlake Truck Tyre Range

Westlake Truck Tyre Range

At the beginning of last spring, Zenises Group announced the addition of four new Westlake models to the truck tyre catalog for Spain and Portugal.

Increased Product Performance to Meet Customer Needs

Developed by ZC Rubber for the european market, the WSA2 and WDA2 models, which are which are second generation drive axle and driven axle tyres respectively for long-haul and regional use, as well as the WMS2 and WDM2 models for the construction sector, second generation mixed-use drive axle and driven axle tyres featuring the most advanced technology from China’s leading manufacturer and the world’s top 5 in the truck tyre segment.

As the exclusive distributor of Westlake tyres in Spain and Portugal, Zenises Group seeks to boost the brand’s recognition as the most suitable option for road transport professionals. “Westlake is a tyre of renowned prestige which offers an excellent performance and brings, on the one hand, increasing profitability for repair shops and, on the other hand, maximum safety and the best performance for truck drivers, who now demand the best quality at the best price,” says Juan Orellana, Commercial Director of Zenises Group for Spain and Portugal. “Profitability is as important as our customers’ safety, and Westlake is a brand that perfectly combines both qualities and conditions that are essential today to guarantee the future of repair shops and the best service for users” he added.

Enhanced Mileage and Lower Rolling Resistance

On a technical level, Westlake WSA2 offers an increased mileage over longer distances, as well as a high degree of handling and drainage thanks to its four corrugated groove design, while its multiple side lug grooves provide excellent traction and maintain even tyre wear. The Westlake WDA2 features a combined tread block design that significantly improves grip and power transmission to the road. The multiple 3D sipes offer low rolling resistance and exceptional traction, while its wide tread width ensures driving stability and increased mileage.

Westlake WMS2 has been developed with a wider tread width and a very strong shoulder for increased stiffness, increased mileage and lower rolling resistance. Three zigzag grooves and multi-angled sipes enhance the tyre’s traction and braking, a quality that is further enhanced by the polygonal block pattern, which shapes its centre tread pattern. Westlake WDM2, on the other hand, features a high-density block design that provides exceptional traction and increased mileage. The linking bar between the blocks ensures better tyre performance on straightaways and optimal dispersion of any impact between the blocks. Its design enables the ejection of stones, preventing them from lodging between the grooves and the tyre belts from being punctured.

Finally, Zenises Group is announcing the forthcoming marketing of the WDR2 models, for drive axles and regional and local use, and WTX2, for trailer axles and use on long-distance and regional routes.

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