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Winter is Coming for Fleet Managers

Winter Fleet Managers

During the winter months, many fleet managers put the performance of their fleet at risk by failing to prepare their vehicles for the challenging weather conditions. Research suggests that the cost of having a van off the road is between £700 and £1,000 per day, however, during the most trying period of the year for fleets, Goodyear Tyres argues that a simple tyre change could make all the difference.

To ensure that they are prepared, fleet managers should take action before the winter weather takes hold. All Season tyres, which provide extra safety in wet, snowy and icy weather conditions, can greatly reduce the risk of downtime and ensure that fleets continue to move throughout the winter.

David Morris, Business Account ManagerFleet & Public Sector, Goodyear Tyres, commented: “For most fleets, summer tyres are the norm. However, these tyres don’t provide any benefit when we have inclement weather, such as heavy downpours, ice or snow. This may only be for a few weeks a year, but in those weeks, fleets are down, money is being lost and customers are unhappy with the service they receive. All season tyres are designed to cope with a wide variation of weather conditions, getting fleets from A to B, whatever the weather.”

For fleet managers who are investing in a change of tyres to tackle the unpredictable winter weather, All Season tyres will help to improve drivers’ safety and fuel economy, as well as meet legislative obligations if driving abroad.

The number of accidents involving cars on UK roads in winter is considerably higher than that in summer. While these can’t all be put down to the use of summer tyres in winter conditions, there’s no doubt that using appropriate tyres can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident. All Season tyres, in particular, offer increased traction, braking distance and handling on snowy, icy and wet roads.

One of the most important considerations for fleets is fuel economy. Thanks to their all-weather compound and a flatter contour that spreads pressure evenly, All Season tyres provide greater rolling resistance on snowy and icy roads, which allows them to go further on less fuel. The savings that fleet managers may see as a result can have a significant impact on their all-important budgets.

In many European countries, such as Finland and Austria, it is compulsory to equip vehicles with winter tyres. While this does not extend to the UK, fleet managers who send drivers to the continent must ensure that their vehicles are equipped with tyres that are suitably designed to tackle winter weather, in order to be compliant with the local regulations.

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