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Venice Launch of Serie 02 Offers Latest Prometeon Products

The Serie 02 line brings together the innovation generation of Pirelli-branded tyres, entirely developed by Prometeon Tyre Group, for sale in the EMEA region.

Venice Launch to Showcase New Prometeon Line

Headquartered in Milan, Venice was the city of choice for the first international event for Prometeon (PTG) in three years, with the Serie 02 launch, which entered the market in April. General Manager Roberto Righi, Chief Technical Officer Alexandre Bregantim, Head of Marketing Sabina Oriani, Region Europe CEO Francesco Antonacci were all in attendance.

Roberto Righi, said: “Thanks to the results recorded in the last 18 months, the Company is now in a position that allows us to think about development, and investments of the current year, which will significantly increase compared to 2021. Innovation and research, brand reinforcement, commercial partnerships, centrality and sustainability remain the pillars of our strategy. The launch of the new Serie 02 is an important moment for Prometeon: “We have developed products for our customers that focus on performance, safety and quality – we are convinced that this is what our customers want.”

The theme of the Serie 02 launch was innovation and sustainability, with a manufacturing process based on safety and sustainability for the new product line. The line has a ‘Prometeon Engineered’ logo as the tyres were developed in PTG’s R&D centres across Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Egypt. The Serie 02 line has improved on the first incarnation with average results of 18% less rolling resistance, a 10% increase in mileage, 20% better durability and an improved 10% in wear uniformity. Most importantly, the Profuel line has scored an A certification for fuel consumption.

The Serie 02 line can be regrooved and the tyres are retreadable, offering a sustainable element for end-users. The tyres also have the 3PMSF marking and an RFID sensor, which are sought-after qualities for drivers.

Tyre Back Part of PTG’s Fleet Offer

Tyre Back allows for, what PTG call 100% Prometeon Quality protection for fleets using Serie 02 tyres. This is a 48 month offer to allow for fleets to have a full replacement of any Serie 02 tyre in case of tyre damage due to a structural imperfection. Tyre Back, however, is also an important way for PTG to stay committed to consumers and fleets for the full life of the tyre. The programme will begin in Italy over the summer and extend to the rest of Europe by the end of the year.

As well as the guarantee, 90 fleets will receive the Serie 02 tyres by the end of May, with an additional bonus. These fleets will test PRO CHECK tools, which are PTG’s inspection and monitoring system to provide reliable, personalised support to fleets to ensure maximum operational efficiency and reduced costs. PTG Quality and Research and Development technicians will be on hand to monitor the tyres for the medium and the long term for these fleets.

Finally, in terms of commercial partnerships, PTG has SuperTruck, which started in Italy in 2016 and today, currently has 40 dealers. In a year of expansion, PTG will roll out the scheme to Greece, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, having already launched the service in Poland. SuperTruck revolves around the truck and bus sector giving fleets the best products and services and offering customised support from PTG experts.

The PRO Services include Pro Management, Pro Time, Pro Finance, Pro Check and Pro Campus relating to financing, roadside assistance, tyre inspections and training services for fleets who sign up.

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