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Vaculug Use Dealer Day to Launch New VIP Tyre

Vaculug used the occasion of their latest Dealer Day held on 8 May at the Roundhouse Distillery in Birmingham to announce the launch of a dedicated truck retread for their dealer network. The new VIP tyre will be available in three sizes from June/July.

Dedicated Dealer Tyre is 100% Carbon Neutral

According to Commercial Director Phil West, the new VIP tyre was launched due to the fact that the existing model for the sale of retreaded truck tyres does not generally enable tyre dealers to achieve strong enough margins.

With that in mind, the VIP tyre has been designed to a specific price point but made to the same standards as Vaculug’s existing range, using the latest designs and proven patterns and using recognised casing brands. The tyre is also duo directional for ease of fitment and is claimed to be 100% carbon neutral. It is not for use on VMS or Managed Services.

To achieve carbon neutrality Vaculug performed a Life Cycle Assessment based on the VIP tyre’s impact on the environment, and the calculation of indicators required for the product carbon footprint. Carbon credits have been purchased for the impact of the entire footprint of the production of the VIP tyres.

According to West, the new VIP tyre answers requests from the market for a more universally reliable product for the dealer sector.

The VIP tyre is engineered for longevity with up to 30% improved lifespan, offering optimised grip, superior traction and exceptional handling for safer journeys. The tread has been designed to reduce braking distances. It will be available in size 315/80 R 22.5 156/150K with 19mm tread depth, 295/80 R 22.5 152/148K with 19mm tread depth, and 315/70 R 22.5 154/150 K with 18 mm of tread.

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