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Vacu-Lug Takes Tyre Management to the Next Level with the Launch of VMS Mobile

Vacu-Lug Launch VMS Mobile

Vacu-Lug has launched its own tyre fleet management app to provide customers with remote access to their vehicle data. Called VMS Mobile, the new app summarises individual vehicle information held online within Vacu-Lug’s VMS tyre management system and, says the company, is an essential tool for vehicle monitoring and compliance control.

To view vehicle data, a VMS user can either enter a specific registration or fleet number or alternatively search for a customer name and contract by selecting various options from the drop-down menu. Then, a specific vehicle can be selected from the fleet list and relevant information such as the vehicle’s wheel configuration, along with work and inspection history, can be seen.

Selecting a particular date or job provides more detail of the work, including axle and wheel position, tread depth, the job authorisation number, the service provider and servicing centre, along with the related job sheet number. To see more history, the customer simply scrolls down to see all previous work completed, in date order.

When the inspection screen is selected, the app reveals the date of the most recent tyre inspection via a vehicle schematic, disclosing each tyre fitted by make and tread depth. Pressing the down arrow reveals the previous month’s inspection data. Where work has been identified as being needed, a toolkit symbol is visible, alerting the customer and informing them of the reason for the work and the action required. Vacu-Lug customers with VMS Online credentials can access VMS Mobile using the same username and passwords.

Commenting on the new app, Dave Alsop, Vacu-Lug’s Sales and Marketing Director says:

“With the evolving digital landscape, we saw an opportunity to provide our customers with a mobile app which makes it easier to keep a handle on vehicle inspections and work history from any point in the UK. In short, VMS Mobile provides finger-tip management for compliance and fleet control – anytime, anywhere.”

VMS Mobile is available to download from both the App and Play store.

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