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Tyroo GmbH Forms Under the Leadership of Holger and Krieg

Tyroo GmbH Holger Krieg
With the bankruptcy of the Fintyre Group, German tyre dealer Reifen Krieg, which it acquired in 2018 had to close as well, due to insolvency. Under the leadership of the formal owners of those wholesaler, Tobias Fink and Holger Krieg, we now have Tyroo GmbH, which is now preparing to become one of the leading wholesalers on the foundation of the previous accomplishments of Reifen Krieg GmbH.

Holger and Krieg Create Tyroo GmbH

Ambitious in its aims and future development Tyroo GmbH has already moved into the former Reifen Krieg headquarters in its Neuhof location. Adding to the mix, Stefan K...

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