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Tyre Maintenance Discovers the Benefits of TiDaeX

Tyre Maintenance is now employing all of its operational functionality via TiDaeX through a subscription to the open-access, e-jobsheet app for its commercial tyre servicing operations, supported by the introduction of a new group call centre.

Tyre Maintenance Integrates of CAM’s TiDaeX and e-Jobsheet with Continental’s Conti 360º Solutions

Tyre Maintenance, across 5 depots and 70 technicians, will now be able to establish an interchange of work with sister-company R & J Strang via the TiDaeX™  platform, securing better accuracy between the 2 companies while making time savings and better admin cost efficiency. 

The implementation will also showcase the integration for both parties with Continental Tyres’ fleet management division, Conti360° Solutions.  The ease of connectivity will enable technicians to pass data automatically from a tablet via TiDaeX™ within seconds of a job being completed. Information relayed by TiDaeX™ includes a copy of the job card, status updates, signatures, photos, measurements, and recommendations from fleet inspections provided.  Technicians can also deliver digital evidence of the work undertaken on behalf of Conti360° Solutions and its customers.

Lyn Strang, operations director for Tyre Maintenance and R & J Strang Tyres Services Ltd, explained, “We’re very impressed with the opportunities that this truly integrated exchange will deliver.  We’re confident it will introduce many benefits and enable more work to be secured for the whole group.  We’re very excited about the prospects for all the participants.”

Steve Daly, director of Mobile Apps IT at CAM, adds, “I’m very excited to get this project underway, as it will make use of all the operational attributes a subscription to e-jobsheet can offer dealer participants.  The group will standardise on e-jobsheet for inspections together with breakdowns and scheduled work.  Its newly established call centre will launch jobs to both depots and technicians, and the two businesses will exchange work with each other via TiDaeX as well as with any connected third party dealer partners. And to cap it all off, the whole enterprise will be connected to Conti Fleet Management systems.  It’s a real showcase for all parties involved.”

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