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TRUCKFLY: The Michelin App Servicing Transport Professionals in Spain and Portugal

TRUCKFLY Michelin App Spain Portugal

Michelin is now making its TruckFly app available for transport professionals. The application is a free collaborative effort designed to help the day to day work of truck drivers with detailed and up to date information about rest points and service areas.

Michelin Promoting TruckFly App

Michelin has always been at the side of transport professionals in the most difficult situations. In addition to thanking the sector for their work in securing essential goods during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelin wants to help truckers in their daily work with TruckFly. The TruckFly application forms a part of the many tools and integrated services that make up the support programme offered by Michelin&TuNegocio.

TruckFly offers transporters detailed and updated information about essential services to help them on their journey. The application helps truck drives to save time and plan their stops during their itinerary as well as locating restaurants, parking spots, service stations and rest areas. On top of this, TruckFly includes menu prices, timetables and the availability of services such as showers or wifi. In addition, as it is a collaborative application, which has the help of the transport community, TruckFly allows you to comment and value the information and share it with others.

In this way, TruckFly is fulfilling two functions: improving the mobility of transporters with precise information about where to stop to fill up and its safety to help them plan the best places to rest. As of today there are 24,836 transporters in Spain and 4,180 in Portugal that form a part of the TruckFly community.

TruckFly by Michelin is available for free download on the Google Play and Apple stores.

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