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Trelleborg Tires’ Field Demos Drive Performance Higher

Trelleborg France Demo

March marks the start of the Trelleborg ‘Technical Demos’ field demonstrations across France to show off latest tyre technologies, designed for top performance and crop protection

Trelleborg demonstrates the efficiency of its tyres in a series French trials

Beaucouzé, France marked the inaugural stop in a seasonal series of field demonstrations for farmers across France led by Trelleborg tyre experts. Agricultural professionals have the opportunity to engage with Trelleborg experts and explore next-generation tyres tailored to enhance their business efficiency.
The team will proceed with a second stop in the same region in spring, continuing to bring the latest Trelleborg tyre technology to farms and vineyards across the country, as constant effort to anticipate customer needs.
The ‘Technical Demos” tour just kicked off at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food & Environment with a Fendt 208F fitted with PneuTrac VF 280/70R20 and VF 480/65R28 tyres. Demos tested field performance compared to standard agri tyres to show farmers the difference its exceptional traction and stability can make on steep slopes and muddy terrain, without compromising fuel efficiency, safety, comfort or handling.
Among the high-performance tyres being field-tested to prove their superior performance is the TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre range designed for advanced farming. This tyre, known for winning multiple awards, is specifically made for cutting-edge machinery, offering premium handling, high load capacity, self-cleaning properties, and ultimately providing higher traction.
Jonathan Ramos, France Technical & Specification Director for Trelleborg tires commented: “We believe in doing more than just delivering top quality tyres. We’re committed to being alongside our customers, providing hands-on support and expertise every step of the way. Our field technical demos offer end users an opportunity to experience Trelleborg tyres firsthand, testing traction and comfort on actual terrain. Our tyre experts will be on-site to answer questions and share insights so customers can select the best tyre solutions tailored to their needs; ultimately enhancing their operational performance and efficiency.”

Trelleborg tyres: elevating performance, comfort and care

During each field demonstration, Trelleborg tyre experts will engage with agricultural specialists, on how to optimise advanced tyre technology for their specific needs. French farmers will also learn how Trelleborg tires is helping elevate agri operations even more, through its new Premium Care Program. Premium Care offers farmers a whole new level of support, expertise and extra resources designed to empower farmers by enhancing performance and extending the lifespan of their Trelleborg tyres. Program participants receive several valuable benefits including an extended warranty that provides peace of mind and extra protection on their investments.

Trelleborg tyres for optimal traction

The unique PneuTrac, a hybrid solution between a radial agricultural tyre and a track, is designed to navigate vineyards and orchards smoothly. Powered by the “Omega Design” sidewall and enhanced PneuTrac technology, its extended footprint ensures outstanding flotation, traction and exceptional lateral stability. The tyre has been shown to deliver solid traction even on slippery slopes, typical of wine country. PneuTrac reduces machine downtime, a critical concern for farmers looking to increase productivity and gain substantial cost savings in fuel, maintenance, and labour.
The TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre is renowned worldwide for its exceptional field performance, thanks to its unique tread design. Engineered to VF standards and equipped with the multi-award-winning ProgressiveTraction technology, this innovative tyre solution offers superior flotation, minimized soil stress, and unbeatable traction. Additionally, it guarantees low fuel consumption and emissions, premium handling, and comfort, thus extending tire durability on the road.


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