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Successful Trial Leads to Installation of Michelin Wheely-Safe Light on 90 Welsh Ambulances

Michelin Wheely-Safe Light Welsh

Tyre pressure management system (TPMS) Wheely-Safe Light has been installed on 90 Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust emergency vehicles following an extensive trial period earlier in the year.

Michelin’s Wheely-Safe Light Installed on 90 Welsh Ambulances

The new technology helps fleet operators and drivers keep on top of tyre pressures, which therefore cuts the risks that under-inflation can cause such as: reduced steering sensitivity, aquaplaning, reduced endurance, blowouts and poor fuel efficiency.

Wheely-Safe Light is one of the only kits available that additionally works effectively on vehicles that encompass six tyres.

Rob MacIntosh, Fleet Manager at Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said the system is being rolled out across the fleet of more than 600 vehicles because of its versatility.

“Our ambulances have twin rear wheels and we have had issues with punctures on an inside tyre where drivers are not able to easily check them. The new system has so far detected two punctures on an inside tyre and it immediately alerted the driver – so it’s already doing its job.”

Wheely-Safe Light is a retrofit system suitable for use on all makes of car, 4×4, LCV, small trailer and light plant operating on tyres with pressures from 22 – 86 psi.

Its robust TPMS sensors replace traditional valve caps and auto-pair with a small solar-powered windscreen display to alert the driver of any tyres in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature.

It also includes a contactless tyre pressure checker which displays the exact pressure via the digital panel without the hassle of connecting a pressure gauge to the valve, which removes air and is unhygienic. This goes without saying, but it is an ideal characteristic for Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s drivers and paramedics.

The Welsh Ambulance Service initially had some reservations around accuracy of pressure readings but testing it against its own systems demonstrated Wheely-Safe Light was very accurate.

The Wheely-Safe Light display unit provides early low-pressure warnings via a flashing icon every 20 seconds as soon as a tyre becomes under-inflated by 15 per cent. An audible alert is added when the pressure either drops by 25 per cent, or should the tyre be over-inflated by 35 per cent or more.

For fast leakage all icons flash in addition to a beeping alarm, alerting the driver to pull over. A flashing light on the relevant TPMS sensor will then indicate the affected tyre position, allowing the tyre to be re-inflated. Once completed, the receiver reverts to reporting mode.

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