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Sailun Tyre Reveal Sponsorship of Olympic Windsurfing-Champion Kiran Badloe

Sailun Tyre Kiran Badloe
With another successful Summer Olympic Games tournament wrapping up, Sailun Tyre has released full details of their sponsorship and support of Olympic gold medallist, Kiran Badloe, who scored first place in the Windsurfing category on 1st August.

How Kiran Badloe Became a Gold Medallist

On the 1st August, three-time windsurfing World Champion, Kiran Badloe secured gold in Toyko for windsurfing. Badloe has been supported by Sailun in the form of sponsorship, with Badloe saying before the major event, “Thanks to this sponsor I can fully focus on the Tokyo Games. During the run-up t...

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