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Prometeon Tyre Group Renews Contract with Arclid Transport

Andy Robinson and Gary Lane infront of a couple of Arclid Transport trucks

Cheshire-based Arclid Transport has renewed its agreement with Prometeon Tyre Group to supply and fit premium tyres across its fleet, continuing the successful partnership between the two organisations.

Bulk Haulage Specialist Renews Premium Tyre Contract

The fixed pence per kilometre (PPK) contract covers the entire 95-strong Arclid fleet, which consists of 45 trucks and 60 trailers, predominantly 6×2 artics and tri-axle trailers.

Specialising in transporting bulk powders and liquids throughout the UK and Europe, approximately 80% of Arclid’s operations entail travel on A-roads, with the remaining 20% involving off-road trips to quarries delivering silica sand and other aggregate materials. Through the partnership, Prometeon provides valuable guidance to Arclid to meet the diverse tyre demands of its mixed-use fleet.

“Prometeon work hard to offer us the best tyre profiles for our fleet based on terrain and mileage,” comments Andy Robinson, Operations Director at Arclid Transport. “It takes the headache away from us so we can concentrate on delivering to our customers, knowing our fleet is running with the most suitable and fuel-efficient tyres.”

Prometeon-engineered premium tyres are fitted across the Arclid fleet, delivering high mileage, maximum durability, and excellent dry and wet handling capabilities. The new Prometeon Serie-02 tyre range also provides improved fuel efficiency and low noise reduction.

Prometeon Enhances Arclid’s Trailer Tyre Specifications

Prometeon continually monitors tyre profiles and has recently transitioned Arclid’s trailers to a new tyre specification to minimise operational tyre damage and sidewall scuffing.

Gary Lane, Prometeon National Fleet Manager, explains: “The Prometeon G02 tyre, with its robust on-off-road pattern, is ideally suited for construction and tipper fleet operations, helping to reduce stone trapping.”

Asked why Arclid has renewed its agreement with Prometeon for another term, Robinson says: “Prometeon offer us a fantastic package which includes Prometeon Fleet Management Pro Services, not just in terms of the financial aspects, but the overall partnership and reliability of the products.”

He adds that Gary Lane and the Prometeon team provide knowledge and support that are ‘second to none’, and using Arclid’s preferred service provider—Lodge Tyre—makes the whole contract ‘run smoothly’.

Robinson concludes: “We strive for close working partnerships that deliver mutual benefits for all parties; with Prometeon, we have a trusted relationship that continues to go from strength to strength, based around being fair and open with each other.”

Prometeon’s Lane adds: “By delivering excellent fleet management and the supply of premium tyre products, Prometeon has built a sustainable PPK contract for a valued customer; we look forward to supporting Arclid for all their tyre needs, both now and in the future.”

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